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House fire in Brocton reveals working Methamphetime labs...
Two people from Brocton are jailed without bail for allegedly manufacturing and selling methamphetime after a fire broke out inside their home this past Tuesday morning.  Sheriff's deputies say 31 year-old Brandon Newby, and 43 year-old Tara Mlacker of 5586 Woodcrest Avenue escaped the blaze without injury.  Officers say Brocton firefighters were able to confine the flames to the bathroom and rear of the building.  The Chautauqua County Fire Investigation Team responded... and, they and deputies found some suspicious items inside the home.  They then called in the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force after getting a search warrant... and, found materials used to make Meth.  Task Force members say they also found some "one pot" style meth labs.  Newby and Mlacker were both arraigned on Felony charges including second-degree criminal possession of a Controlled Substance.  The cause of the fire is undetermined.  Two cats perished in the blaze.
Gerace announces start of first-step drug addiction treatment program in county jail...
The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office has begun a new program to begin treating inmates who are addicted to drugs.  Sheriff Joe Gerace says the Vivitrol Program is voluntary... and, for inmates who are addicted to Heroin or other opioids.  Gerace says the goal is to help those inmates successfully re-enter society... and, reduce their likelyhood of re-offending.  He says a person leaving jail with an addiction is 12-times more likely to overdose in their first week out on the street... and, he says the program will use the drug Vivitrol, mentoring and case management to have a positive impact on people.  Gerace says Vivitrol is a "blocking agent" that helps to curb the cravings associated with drug addiction.  He says it's unlike Narcan... which is used as an antidote if someone has overdosed.  Gerace says his jail staff worked with the county's Department of Health and Human Services... and, Department of Mental Hygiene to get the program up and running.  He says once the inmate gets out of jail, they will also be involved in extensive counseling and therapy... and other community support programs.  Gerace says funding for the program is being provided by the state's Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. 
Randolph man arrested on several charges following traffic stop...
A Cattaraugus County man wanted on several charges by Jamestown police has been located in Randolph... and, is under arrest.  Sheriff's deputies in Little Valley say 31 year-old Daniel Fluent of Randolph was taken into custody following a traffic stop on Interstate 86 in town of Randolph Wednesday evening.  Officers say Fluent was also in possession of a small amount of methamphetamine and was charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.  Fluent was turned over to Jamestown Police on the outstanding warrant on two counts each of Aggravated Family Offense... and, first-degree criminal contempt. 
Young and Goodell talk State Budget and other issues with county Chamber...
There is a lot of good news in the new state Budget for Chautauqua County... including funding that will help take care of the region's most pressing issue -- fixing potholes.  There are several locations across the county... and, elsewhere... where the freeze-thaw cycle has decimated roadways.  At Friday's annual State Legislative Breakfast in Lakewood... hosted by the county Chamber of Commerce... State Senator Cathy Young said she and Assemblyman Andy Goodell were able to help secure more money through the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program -- otherwise known as CHIPS.  Young says they were able to just over $5.1-million dollars locally for roads and bridges to help the state DOT with projects.  Goodell says the additional CHIPS funding specifically went for the "Extreme Winter Repair" program.  As for tax cuts... the Jamestown-area Republican says the GOP Minority has sponsored a package of tax and regulatory bills.  He says it went nowhere at first... but, he adds some measures get picked up later by the Senate Majority... or even the Assembly majority the next year, and it may get approved -- especially if it enjoys widespread public and business support. 
Borrello says site preparations are underway for Athenex project... 
Site preparations are underway at the location where the Athenex plant will be taking shape in the town of Dunkirk.  That's the word from Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello who gave an update on the project involving the planned 320,000 square foot facility after Wednesday evening's County Legislature meeting.  Borrello says contractors have started clearing the land, and a ground-breaking will take place "soon."  He says plans are still on-track for the pharmaceutical plant being completed in 2020... and, starting production in mid-2020.  Borrello adds there may be some "limited production" by sometime next year... and, adds that there is some production taking place at Athenex's Clarence plant right now.  A local contractor is doing some work at the site off Route 5 just east of the Dunkirk city line.  A bulldozer and other equipment could be observed working at the location Thursday afternoon.  Athenex has agreed to spend $1.5-billion of its own funding on facility, with the State already committing $200-million to the project.
Apthorpe talks JPS budget, and ballot initiatives for May 15...
An $86.6-million dollar school budget will be up for a public vote on May 15, and will likely set the stage for the next school year.  That from School Superintendent Bret Apthorpe... who says the school board recently approved the spending plan for the 2018-19 school year.  The spending plan includes a stable tax levy of 14.6 million dollars... and an additional $1.1-million dollars in state aid.  Apthorpe highlighted a support initiative in the budget that will get fully underway in 2019 with the reopening of Rogers School as "success academy" to help students who are struggling with school, and or issues of poverty, can get the help they need.  Apthorpe says the program would also include "instruction" so students don't fall behind academically.  For the older students... Apthorpe says Rogers would house a year-round life and job-skills training in addition to supporting mental health.  He made his comments for this weekend's Community Spotlight program. 

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