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A possible record number of voters helped put the $28.6-million Southwestern Central School district budget over the top Tuesday, as well as a bus proposition...  
A Special Library Tax to support the Lakewood and Hazetline Libraries was also approved by a very narrow margin.  School Superintendent Maureen Donahue was pleased the voters came out, and approved the budget, 556-to-274.
The bus proposition was approved, 584-to-247.  However, it was not an easy vote regarding establishment of a special tax to fund the Lakewood Library and, the Hazeltine Library in Busti.  The final vote was 425 "yes" and 413 "no."  Lakewood Library's Karen Dennerlein was very happy and, thanked everyone who voted.  She says they will "do their best" to be responsible citizens, and serve the community as best they can.  Three of the four school board seats up for a vote were won by incumbants Jim Butler, Ed Brooks and Lisa Yaggie.  Maureen Donahue says there were 102 write-in votes and, officials will see what happens with those in deciding who will fill an open seat on the panel.
Jamestown School District voters have overwhelmingly approved an $86.6-million budget for the 2018-19 school year...  
The final tally was 419-to-63 for the spending plan, which included no tax levy increase.  Propositions establishing a capital reserve fund, and adding an "ex-officio" student school board member were also approved.  Incumbant School Board members Nina Karbacka and Dan Johnson were re-elected to the two seats up for a vote.  Karbacka received 410 votes, while Johnson got 363.  Challenger Brianne Fadale got 213.
Voters in the Falconer Central School District also overwhelmingly approved a new, $23-million budget for the next school year.  School Business Manager Brent Agatt says the spending plan was adopted, 150-to-28.  There were no other propositions and, School Board President Todd Beckerink ran unopposed.
Residents in the Frewsburg School District have approved a $17.7-million budget that cuts spending, voting in favor 137 to 49.  School officials say the budget includes a 2.36-percent tax  levy increase in the 2018-19 budget. A 380-thousand dollar bus proposition and, a $189,000 capitol reserve proposition were also approved.  Additionally, Chad Chitester, and Larry Lodestro were re-elected to the school board with 159 and 155 votes. 
In Bemus Point, residents approved their budget for 2018-19, 149 to 50.  They also approved a bus proposition, 152-to-47.  All three candidates running for the school board were elected.
Also on Tuesday, voters in the Sherman school district approved a $10.3-million budget for 2018-19, 190 to 47.  They also approved setting up a capital reserve fund, 187-to-48.  A bus proposition also passed, 190-to-46.  The two school board seats up for a vote were won by Teresa Barney, with 146 votes, while Timothy Sears had 129 tallies.  Emily Reynolds was third, and Joe DeLellis fourth.  
In Panama, voters approved the $13.8-million budget by a wide margin -- 126-to-10.  Gregory Hudson won one of the two school board seats up for a vote with 122 tallies.  Robert Delahoy won a write-in contest for the second seat with 15 votes.
Voters in the Cassadaga Valley School District approved a $22.2-million budget for the next school year, 190-to-48.  A separate bus proposition was also adopted, 184-to-54.  Jeanne Oag and Robert Main won school board seats.
In Brocton, residents approved the 2018-19 budget, 176-to-43.  The two board seats were sone by Melissa Seavy with 151 votes, while Robert Mead-Colegrove was second with 130.  Beth Jagoda was third.
AND in Westfield, voters rejected their budget, 295-to-196.
New York's junior U-S Senator says she wants Agriculture Secretary Sunny Perdue to grant some emergency relief money to struggling dairy farmers...  
Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand says she wants $300-million--- the same amount granted to cotton farmers -- for their emergency earlier this year.  Gillibrand, who is a member of the Senate Ag Committee, says dairy farmers are being pushed into poverty and mental anguish by prices that don't meet the cost of production.  She wants the payments to be sent directly to farmers, in their milk checks, without an application process.
Gillibrand says the cotton sector is just one-tenth the size of the dairy industry and produces a storable product, unlike milk, which is perishable.  While preliminary work is being done on a new farm bill, the senator says dairy economics are so bad right now, producers can't wait for a new law to get relief.  
A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes during a raid yesterday morning on the city's southside....  
City Police say 46 year-old Steven Patterson was taken into custody during the 8:40 a.m. raid by the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, and state Police C-NET Team at 262 Forest Avenue.  Officers say they found 50 cartons of untaxed, and illegal cigarettes, and several thousand dollars in cash.  Patterson was arrested for Felony possession of unstamped and untaxed cigarettes, and criminal tax fraud.  He was jailed pending arraignment.
The Public Works Department in the city of Jamestown has laid out an ambitious schedule of 104 major road construction projects for this year...  
The city council's Public Works Committee Monday night reviewed the list of projects, which include mill and overlay, nova chipping and, chip-and-seal through this Fall.  Committee Chairman Tom Nelson is impressed by the list, which includes 18 major reconstruction projects.  Mayor Sam Teresi says he's impressed -- every year -- by DPW Director Jeff Lehman and his staff.
Teresi says the complete list of projects can be found at the city of Jamestown's website at  He says you can also follow where the DPW is working each day online.  Teresi says the 18 major projects include the one that's been underway the past couple of weeks on West Fourth Street between Washington and Lafayette Streets.  Another major reconstruction project is to take place at the Allen Park Glen on the southside.
Gasoline prices continue to rise in the Jamestown area this week...
That from AAA's weekly price report which says motorists are paying $2.95 per gallon, or two-cents more than last week.  Officials say New York is one of the top-12 states with the most expensive gas prices in the country and one of the only four states on the east coast with price averages at $3.00 or more. AAA reports that inventories rose by 1.8-million to 68-million barrels on the week.  The mid-Atlantic and Northeast region was the only one in the country to see inventories build.  Nationally, fuel prices also saw a surge at the pump, jumping six-cents to $2.87.  Officials say this can be attributed to the White House's decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran, the nation-wide switch to "Summer Blend" fuel and, growing demand.


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