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Long-time woman employee at Cummins' Jamestown Engine Plant is new Plant Manager...
A woman who was part of the 2010 team assembled to deal with a 70-percent downturn in demand at Cummins' Jamestown Engine Plant is the new plant manager at the Ashville-area location.  Twenty-six year plant veteran Anna Dibble was recently named to replace Mike Abate... who was promoted to the corporate team in Columbus, Indiana... but, is still based at the Jamestown plant.  The 49 year-old Dibble received her bachlor's degree in Operations Management at Penn State University... and, Masters degrees at Gannon University... and G-M's Institute of Technology.  She's been involved at Cummin's in quality and Product Engineering... Operations... and, Plant Management.  Dibble says she was initially a "summer hire..." but, enjoyed  seeing how a large plant functioned – and, went back to college and changed her major to Operations Management.
Mitrano unofficial winner of Democratic Primary in 23rd Congressional District as Della Pia concedes...
A count of the absentee ballots in the 23rd Congressional District Democratic primary has reversed the election night result... giving Ithaca's Tracy Mitrano the opportunity to run for the house seat now occupied by Republican Tom Reed.  Chautauqua County Democratic Elections Commissioner Norm Green says... after yesterday's Absentee ballot count... Mitrano won the county with 1,064 votes.  Green says that includes the most absentee votes -- 80 -- of all five candidates.  He says Mitrano won both the machine and absentee counts... while Jamestown's Eddie Sundquist was second in each catagory.  The full district numbers aren't yet available, but it appears other counties across the Southern District showed similar numbers.  Last night, Max Della Pia, the apparent second place finisher, posted a concession on Facebook with this statement, "Although the final results of the primary election will not be certified until at least Thursday, it has become clear that the absentee ballots did not break in our favor."  Norm Green is also the county's Democratic Committee Chairman... and under that hat... he says it's time for Democrats to rally behind the winner. for the Fall campaign.  Della Pia led in the machine vote count after Primary Day with 7,022 votes... while Mitrano was second with 6,996.
Fourth of July falls on a mid-week day, but, Sheriff Gerace still expects a busy day... 
A statewide crackdown continues on drunk and drugged driving as we get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July today.  Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace says he wants people to enjoy the holiday, but don't get behind the wheel if you had too much of a celebration.  Gerace says they want everyone to have a happy and safe Fourth... but, he says don't drink and drive.  The Sheriff's Office will be joining the State Police and local police agencies in taking part in the state-wide effort.  State troopers have indicated that they will conduct sobriety checkpoints and target reckless and aggressive driving.  Gerace says the goal is keep highways safe during one of the busiest summer holidays for travel.
Fourth of July actvities underway in Lakewood and Mayville...
It's the fourth of July... and, there are several activities taking place from Lakewood to Mayville.  It all gets started early today with the annual YMCA "Firecracker 10K" run and other activites at Lakewood's Hartley Park at 9 a.m.  The annual Lakewood Fourth of July "Summerfest" also includes a Money Hunt for kids... a "Kid's Zone..." along with wrestling demonstrations... and, music from "Two for Flinching" from 6 to 8 p.m.  Fireworks begin at 10 p.m.  In Mayville... the day begins with the annual Parade along Route 394 at 10 a.m. and starts at the intersection with Route 430.  There will also be live music, food, and kiddy rides at Lakeside Park.  Mayville will also have fireworks at 10 p.m.
Reed says State Trooper's death near Corning hits home...
The death of a New York state trooper slain during a domestic call hits home with Southern Tier Congressman Tom Reed.  The Corning Republican's father-in-law was a State Trooper... and, he says he is thinking about 29 year-old Nicholas Clark, and his family.  Clark as shot and killed early Monday while responding to call about a suicidal and possibly armed man barricaded in his home near Corning and the Pennsylvania border.  He says his thoughts and prayers are with Clark's family... and, the entire law enforcement community.  Clark played college football 2008-2011 at Alfred University, where head coach Bob Rankl on Monday called him the toughest player he ever had the opportunity to coach.  As a linebacker, Clark was a two-time All-America honoree and earned honors from the school's conference.  Reed is also an Alfred graduate... and, Clark's mother is an accounting professor at the university.
Gas prices hold steady for July 4th week...
Gasoline prices nationally are topping off at the highest mark in four years, ahead of what is expected to be the most-traveled Independence Day on record.  However... AAA's latest gas price report says Jamestown-area motorists are paying the same amount for a consecutive week at $3.03 per gallon of regular fuel.  Officials say... with a build of 1.2 million barrels, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region saw the largest build of any in the country.  The national average has remained steady for the last 10 days at $2.86 per gallon.

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