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The opening of the new National Comedy Center is just a few hours away and, final touches were being made on the finished product Tuesday.... 
Thousands of hours of work has gone into the new center, which celebrates the art of comedy in all it's forms.  Comedy Center Director Journey Gunderson has recently been working with 'short-sleep' in getting ready for the opening, but adds they're ready.
In addition to the construction and exhibit crews, the National Comedy Center will be a job producer for Jamestown.  Gunderson says they'll have 32 Full-time equivalent permanent jobs and, should also spin-off another 183 jobs.  U-S Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was in town to announce added funding for the federal Historic Preservation program in 2019.  It's a program the Comedy Center has taken advantage of.  The comedy center -- located on West Second Street -- will open to the public at 9 this morning.  For more information, go online to comedycenter.org.
The city of Jamestown is sure in for a treat as the new, National Comedy Center gears up to open it's doors to the public this morning....  
That from critically-acclaimed Westwood-One talk-show host Jim Bohannon of the "Jim Bohannon Show" and, "America in the Morning."  Bohannon -- who made his comments during our Dennis Webster Show Tuesday morning -- says 'it's about time' for an institution dedicated to comedy.
Bohannon hopes the Comedy Center will be a big draw to Jamestown, but he also hopes it will help preserve historic comedy, such as Vaudeville.  In additional to our local broadcasts and, regional coverage, the Associated Press has ranked the opening of the National Comedy Center as one of the top 10 stories receiving coverage this week.
Two people were hurt when a car collided with a truck at the four-corners in Blockville late Tuesday morning...  
Chautauqua County police dispatchers say the accident occured at the intersection of Route 474 and Cherry Hill Road in the town of Harmony about 11:15.  Dispatchers say the intersection was closed a short while and, traffic in that area of Route 474 was down for one-lane for a while.  Neither person was identified.  Both were taken to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital for treatment.
A city man is jailed for second-degree assault after allegedly stabbing a woman during a domestic incident on Jamestown's westside Monday morning...  
City police say they were called to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital about 9:30 a.m. on a report of a stabbing victim in the emergency room.  After talking with the victim, they went to the scene at 35 West 12th Street and, arrested 65 year-old Lonnie Fields.  Field's was arraigned, and sent to the county jail in lieu of bail.
The Jamestown City Council will learn more about the three people who have now applied to fill a vacant constables position in the city to help perform evictions for landlords next month...  
That from Mayor Sam Teresi near the end of Monday night's City Council voting session, where he told lawmakers he had received two more applications over the past month.  Teresi says his staff is now reviewing, and will do background checks on those three -- and any others that come to him.
Area resident Dan Hill had applied for the position some time ago, but Teresi said last month that they were still trying to pin down Hill's residency.  Since then, two more applications came in.  City landlord Harold Whitford, from Frewsburg, urged lawmakers to fill the vacant constable's position because the Sheriff's Department doesn't have the officers to deal with all the evictions that need to be performed.  Hill's mother currently holds one of the constable positions, but has said she would like to retire in the near future. 
A north county man was arrested for vandalizing property at a residence in Kennedy last weekend... 
State Police in Jamestown say an unknown victim advised Troopers that he saw the suspect allegedly punch the door to his residence, shattering the glass. Later identified as 30 year-old Steven Rice of Dunkirk, Troopers say the caller then saw him breaking and entering into his neighbor's pole barn. On arrival, Troopers placed Rice under arrest. Investigation revealed Rice threw multiple items around the barn, causing damage. He was transported to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital in Jamestown to be treated for hand injuries from striking the door. Once released, he was arraigned in Ellicott Court and sent to the County Jail. 
Food stamp recipients will be able to use their benefits at farmers' markets across New York state under an agreement the state and the Farmers Market Federation have reached with a mobile application vendor...  
Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote to federal officials earlier this month urging them to renew a policy allowing food stamp recipients to use their benefits at local farmers' markets.  The Democrat took the action after the federal government notified the state that food stamp benefits could no longer be used at farmers' markets because of a technology change. 

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A Jamestown man was arrested for allegedly breaking into a home and stabbing a person on the city's eastside Tuesday afternoon. Officers were called to the scene on East 8th Street... and, found...

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