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Birritierri resigns as Mayor of Lakewood...
The embattled mayor of Lakewood has resigned amid controversy over several recent absences, and other matters.  The village clerk's office sent out a brief statement late yesterday morning that Cara Birritierri had decided to resign... effective the end of business Friday.  In a letter to the village... Birritierri based her decision "solely on personal and medical reasons."  She also praised staff, other elected officials. and "countless volunteers" who dedicated themselves to the village.  The clerk's office says -- for now -- Deputy Mayor Ted McCague will fill-in in the interim.  Chautauqua County Board of Elections Commissioner Brian Abram says... since the Sept. 20 deadline for an election has passed... there can be no election this year.  However, a new mayor could be appointed by the current board.

Borrello says county has found potential, new location for CARTS Hub in Jamestown -- but, no final decision has been announced...
The Chautauqua Area Rural Transporation System has identified a new location for it's Jamestown hub... but, nothing has been finalized as yet.  That from County Executive George Borrello... who says CARTS is still in discussions about a new location to replace the one on West Second Street -- in front of the National Comedy Center.  Borrello says consistancy is important for such a location, and, with plans for closing the street at times for Comedy Center events, they won't have that.  He says many who used CARTS are elderly, or have other mobility issues, and making hub changes is disruptive.  The City Council recently voted to allow CARTS to use it's temporary hub location on Pine Street -- near the South County Office Building -- through Oct. 19.  Borrello says... while they're looking for a new permanent hub site... he says they still hope to have a stop near the Comedy Center.  He adds they're also looking at expanding service to take advantage of the area's several tourist attractions... including the Jackson Center, and many others.

Jamestown man arrested for Child Endangerment...
A city man is jailed pending arraignment for endangering the welfare of a child Thursday night. Jamestown Officers and New York State Police were working a joint patrolling detail when officers reportedly saw an unaccompanied one-year-old child walking down the sidewalk on Newland Avenue.  After investigating... officers found 44 year-old Juan DeJesus was supposed to be watching the child, when the toddler walked out of the residence... and, was wondering the street. DeJesus is due back in Jamestown City Court at a later date. 

City man arrested for assault...
A Jamestown man was arrested on assault charges for allegedly cutting a victim's hair with a knife during a domestic incident Thursday night.  City police responded to the physical dispute in the area of East Second Street -- near Jeffords -- for a male chasing a female down the road.  On arrival... officers determined 49 year-old Michael Pachecho held the woman down on the ground and struck her in the face with a boot, causing injury... and, also broke her umbrella.  Pachecho was taken into custody where he additionally found to be in possession of methamphetamine.  He's being held in city jail pending arraignment. 

Gerace says watch out for deer on county roads this time of year...
It's the time of the year when drivers should to pay extra attention for deer while traveling on area roads and highways.  Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace says car-deer related crashes spike during the months of October, November and December.  Gerace says that's because deer are more active during the Fall... especially around dusk and dawn.  If you approach a deer in the middle of the road... Gerace says don't swerve because you may end up in the other lane -- and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.  He adds don't rely on car-mounted deer whistles.  And keep in mind that deer generally travel in herds...so if you see one, usually there are other nearby.

Annual Walk Against Domestic Violence held in Jamestown Friday...
With the back-drop of the past year's "MeToo" movement... Domestic Violence Awareness Month kicked-off Friday afternoon in downtown Jamestown with a proclamation by Mayor Sam Teresi.  Teresi issued the proclamation following the 21st annual Walk Against Domestic Violence to help start the annual Unity Day Event in the lobby of City Hall.  The keynote speaker was Kayleigh Feser... who heads up Chautauqua County's Elder Abuse and Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team.  Faser says... while there have been a number of high-profile domestic and sexual abuse cases the past year... it's just the tip of the iceberg.  On average... Faser says one out of every two women... and, 1 in 5 men will be the victim of physical and or sexual violence.  Most is what she called "Intimate Partner" violence... and, that could be a sibling, father, mother, or a friend.  Faser adds that women wind up being 90 to 95-percent of the victims in such cases. 


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