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Today is the last day to register to vote for the 2018 general election, and you can do it by mail or in person...  

Chautauqua County Election's Commissioner Norm Green says there are many locations around Chautauqua County where forms are available, including their website at VoteChautauqua.com, or by visiting any city or town hall.  For more information, call 753-4226.

Chautauqua County's top-law enforcement official says an animal abuse case that involved the arrest of a Sherman man "very disturbing"...  

Sheriff Joe Gerace says his officers arrested 50-year-old David Hanold, Sr. after an adult dog and three puppies were discovered in a locked vehicle in Mayville last Thursday.  Hanold has been charged with overdriving, torturing and injuring animals, failure to provide proper sustanance and confinement of a companion animal in a vehicle.  Gerace says other charges are possible.

Earlier this year, the County Legislature passed a local law establishing an Animal Abuser Registry.  Gerace, who worked with County Executive George Borrello, to get the law passed, says the registry is ready to go.  However, he says it depends on convictions AFTER the law went into effect, and the courts notifying his department.  Gerace says it's possible the case involving Hanold could be among the first to appear on registry, but that depends on whether there is a conviction. 

The Calameri family, owners of Artone Manufacturing of Jamestown, was honored with the County Chamber of Commerce 'Person of the Year' Award Thursday night.....  

Sebastian Calameri says his father Roario started it all.  Artone makes commercial furniture and employs around 100 people. The Jamestown Community Chamber presented its service award to Bill Stevenson.  He heads the Riverwalk Management Council and is on the National Comedy Center Board of Directors.  The Mayville-Chautauqua Chamber honored Sandra Lee Wagner.  She helped establish the Lakeside Bark Dog Run near the lake in Mayville.  The Westfield-Barcelona Chamber recognized a brother and sister, Rick Mascaro and his sister Joan Mascaro Caruso.  They are responsible for Lake Shore Center for the Arts. The annual awards dinner was attended by over 300 people at SUNY Fredonia.   

A New York judge has set a February 2020 trial date for a western New York Congressman indicted on federal insider trading charges....  

U.S. District Judge Vernon Broderick set the Februray 3rd date on Thursday for Buffalo-area Republican Chris Collins.  The 68-year-old Collins was not in court.  He remains on the ballot for re-election to the 27th District, a right-leaning area between Buffalo and Rochester.  Collins has pleaded not guilty.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Hartman had first pushed to have the trial set for next year.  He said prosecutors fear that Collins will try to delay any 2020 trial, saying it's an election year.  President Donald Trump has said the arrest of Collins and another congressman has jeopardized the GOP's chances in the midterm election next month.

There needs to be a "real conversation" about health care in the United States, and yes "single-payer" needs to be looked at -- honestly...  

Those are the feelings of Democratic Congressional candidate Tracy Mitrano of Penn Yan, who says her opponent-- incumbant Republican Tom Reed -- and President Donald Trump, don't want to look at all options.  Mitrano says, when she's out on the campaign trail, it's the single biggest issue people want to talk about.

Some have called the idea "Medicare for All."  However, Mitrano doesn't want to say it would be exactly like Medicare, where the government pays 80-percent of the cost and, participants pay the rest.  At the same time, she says the collective effort of government would be able to negotiate lower costs for all aspects of health care, from drugs to services.  Mitrano admits no program is perfect, but she believes it can make "an enormous difference."  She made her comments for this weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the five Media One Group stations.

A woman whose daughter survived a limousine accident that killed four women on Long Island in 2015 says Saturday's deadly crash in rural upstate New York is a reminder that strict legislation is still needed for stretch vehicles....  

After the 2015 crash, a special grand jury implored Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo to examine the safety of stretch limousines.  It appears a task force was never formed, and it's unclear what Cuomo's administration did in response.  Nancy DiMonte of Elwood, whose daughter survived the 2015 crash, said in a letter published Thursday in Newsday that she's launching a campaign urging Cuomo and legislators to change laws.  Cuomo said Monday that sometimes people don't follow existing laws.  Authorities say the limo in Saturday's crash had been deemed "unserviceable" after an inspection.  Twenty people were killed in the crash.

The interim head of the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation says he's looking forward to settling in and, helping the business group continue forward momentum into the new year...  

JRC Board member Peter Miraglia took over the reins Wednesday following the resignation of Lisa Hatch.  Hatch will be moving to Florida, but will assist Miraglia in the transition for the next couple of weeks.

Miraglia says he's getting caught up on financials, and getting more familiar with staff, which is currently busy getting ready for the annual Christmas Parade and Holiday Celebration in early December.  Miraglia, who has served on the JRC board for the past three-years, says he's already familiar with the operation.  He owns the former Nelson's Department store building on East 2nd St., which is now the home to several businesses.

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