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There was strong disagreement on some controversial issues raised during last night's candidates forum for State Assembly at Jamestown Community College....  

Democratic challenger Judy Einach said she supports legalizing recreational marihuana in the state and cited information from a State Department of Health Report, which is currently the focus of state-wide hearings.  Einach says believes there would be sufficient controls to prevent children from using pot and, overall usage is not high.

Incumbant Republican Assemblyman Andy Goodell came out strongly opposed to such legislation and, the idea that usage would go down.  He says it flies in the face of the facts, which show usage went up in places like Colorado, where it's now legal.

Einach did agree that the age for being able to purchase marijuana should be higher than the proposed 21 because of pot's potential impact on developing brains.  Goodell also argued that the amount of pot dealt on the Black Market would increase if marijuana was legalized.

The legalization of pot was also discussed during the earlier debate between incumbant Democratic Sheriff Joe Gerace, and Republican challenger, Jim Quattrone.  Both oppose legalization and pointed to the likelyhood of more car accidents and other issues.  The two candidate forums were sponsored by the League of Women Voters, American Association of University Women, and JCC's Political Science Department.

Inter-agency cooperation was a big topic among several discussed by the candidates for Chautauqua County Sheriff during last night's debate at Jamestown Community College....  

Democratic incumbant Joe Gerace and Republican challenger Jim Quattrone were both asked why there are two drug task forces in the county.  For the past several years, Jamestown has had it's own "Metro" Drug Task Force, while the county is part of the Southern Tier Task Force.  Gerace says Jamestown decided to go on it's own.

Gerace says in talking with city police and other officials,he also offered a "hybrid" type of model that gave the city more control over what was done in the city.  However, that has not been acted on.  Quattrone says he would push for better cooperation among agencies and, proposed a panel to look at ways to do it.

Gerace says, even though there are two separate drug task forces, there are a number of areas where his department cooperates with others across the county.  He says those include use combining forces to create the Forensic Investigaton Team, along with the county-wide SWAT Team.  Gerace adds they also dispatch for seven area departments.

Most of the more than 60 people on hand for the Sheriff's debate stayed for the State Assembly debate between incumbant Republican Andy Goodell and challenger Judy Einach.  There was spirted debate on a number of issues, including late-term abortion and, legalization of marijuana.  The County's League of Women Voters, American Association of University Women and, JCC Political Science Department, sponsored the forums.

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wasted no time linking Republican challenger Marc Molinaro to the policies of President Donald Trump in the only debate between the gubernatorial candidates before next month's election...  

Cuomo, who is seeking a third term, repeatedly connected Molinaro, the Dutchess County executive, to Trump.  During last night's forum, he called them both "extreme" and says their policies are "reprehensible."  Molinaro reiterated his criticism of Cuomo for his handling of the state's economy, saying he let state spending increase.  He also criticized his administration for corruption.  Tuesday's debate at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City was broadcast on CBS affiliates around the state.  It didn't include the three third-party candidates: Libertarian Larry Sharpe, Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins and independent ex-Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner.

It'll be a night of fun, food and games at the city of Jamestown's 34th annual Halloween Fun-Fest a week from today at the former Allen Park Ice Rink...  

City officials and sponsors gathered Tuesday afternoon at Allen Park to promote the event, which draws hundreds of children each year.  City Parks Coordinator Julia Ciesla-Hanley says the event will be held from 6-8 p.m. Halloween night, the same hours as trick-or-treating.

In addition to the haunted house, Ciesla-Hanley says they'll also have games, and music by the band "Take 2."  She says a new business "Oh Snap! Visuals" will be on hand with a photobooth, and pictures posted on line.  Ciesla-Hanley says everything is free, thanks to several community sponsors, which will provide a "goody bag" for the kids, and free pizza and donuts.  The Jamestown Cycle Shop will also provide two bicycles for the grand prize winners in the annual costume contest.

The Democratic challenger in the 23rd Congressional District race says incumbant Republican Tom Reed has a "record" of not delivering for the district....  

However, Reed says he has supported measures that have brought about more jobs, and prosperity to the region.  Penn Yan Democrat Tracy Mitrano blasted Reed's voting record Tuesday on a number of items including major tax breaks, which she says only benefits the nation's top "one-percent..." and, will leave bigger federal deficits. 

Mitrano says Reed touted tax reform as something that would put $1,600 in the pockets of hard-working middle class residents.  But, Mitrano says the Tax Policy Center reports that the top one-percent is seeing a $69,000 a year break, while the middle-class is only seeing about $400 to $500 a year.  However, Reed says Mitrano is distorting his record, noting that he's been in touch with local constituents through more than 250 town halls and, he remains a resident of the district he represents.  He adds that constitutents "know us... and, what we're fighting for." 

Chief Justice John Roberts says he is "saddened to learn" that Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the U-S Supreme Court, has the beginning stages of dementia....  

Roberts said in a statement Tuesday that although O'Connor has announced she is withdrawing from public life, "no illness or condition can take away the inspiration she provides for those who will follow the many paths she has blazed."  O'Connor visited Chautauqua County a number of times, the first in 1996 when she helped dedicate the new statue of Robert H. Jackson at Jackson Square near Love Elementary School.  She returned to the Jackson Center for a program in 2007.  She also appeared at Chautauqua Institution in 2004 and, again in 2007.

The Independence Party in Chautauqua County is "proud" to announce it is endorsing incumbant Sheriff Joseph Gerace for re-election to a sixth term...  

In making the endorsement, State Committeeman, Thom Shagla, said "both the candidates were interviewed by a seven-person panel."  Shagla adds that "after the interviews, we went into closed session for discussions.  The first question made to us was, what has Joe done wrong?  No one had an answer."  Shagla says they have "supported Sheriff Gerace and found no outstanding reason not to support him now".

An Irving woman -- released with citations for drug possession -- faces additional charges of criminal impersonation during a traffic stop last Sunday... 

Deputies say they stopped a vehicle on Center Road in Sheridan and, during the course of the interaction, officers allegedly found her in possession of methamphetamine and hypodermic needles.  On Monday, deputies say they received information that the woman allegedly provided identifying information of her identical twin sister. Later known to be 24 year-old Maranda Hayden, she was arraigned on charges and sent to the county jail without bail. 

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