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The investigation into an alleged shooting in the city of Jamestown's northside last Friday afternoon has pretty much ground to a halt because of lack of cooperation of the victim and witnesses...  

City Police Chief Harry Snellings says they are hoping to get a break in their investigation into the incident at the corner of West Eighth and Cherry Streets which occured after the two men got into a fight.  Snellings says the suspect pulled back and fired multiple rounds towards a nearby home.  Snellings says officers were called to the scene about 2 p.m. and, the suspect who fired the shots reportedly ran north on Cherry Street towards 9th Street.  If you have an information on the incident, call the JPD Tips-line at 483-TIPS (8477).  You can also contact them through the Tips 411 app.  All tips will be kept confidential.

The newly-reconstructed entryway to Jamestown Police Headquarters on Second Street has now reopened and includes some improvements for workers and the public.....  

Police Chief and Public Safety Director Harry Snellings says the work was undertaken after heavy rains caused flooding in that part of the department in September of 2017.  Snellings says repairs ended up being lengthy because the project was done in two-phases.  Snellings says there are several changes that have been made to the entryway during the reconstruction project, mainly to make operations safer and more user-friendly.  He says their command room was reconfigured, and they rewired the entire department.  Snellings says the construction work was done by Empire Development, while the electric and electronic work was done by Ahlstrom-Shaefer Electric.  He adds that FSC installed new cameras in the interview rooms, which were also upgraded.

How the Jamestown City Council is going to handle an arbitration panel's recent decision to give city police a two-percent pay increase was one of the focuses of last  night's public hearing on the 2019 budget....  

The panel recently voted 2-1 to give those pay increases to rank-and-file members for 2016 and 2017.  Resident Doug Champ says the city will likely have to dip into it's undesignated fund balance to cover that cost going forward. City officials have been tight-lipped about the decision, but Mayor Sam Teresi recently told Media One News that the city is weighing it's legal options on the ruling.  Otherwise, Champ says the nearly $36-million spending plan is "out of balance" because it still depends on a one-million dollar aid payment from New York state.  City leaders argue the state has recognized the fact the city has lost state aid -- unfairly -- because assets of the Board of Public Utilites are used in determining what they are paid.  City lawmakers will vote on the budget next Monday. 

Gasoline prices in the Jamestown-area have dropped about 10-cents a gallon over the past week, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday week.  

The AAA's East Central Office says the price for regular, unleaded fuel is $2.86, down from $2.97 last week.  On the week, the Gas Price Report says average prices are three to eight cents cheaper in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region with prices ranging from $2.88 in Connecticut to $2.28 in Delaware.  Statewide, gas prices are four-cents cheaper across the Empire State, which is good news for the three-million New Yorkers that AAA projects will drive 50 miles or more away from home this Thanksgiving Holiday. 

The National Comedy Center opened its doors for the first time during the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival...

 Since then, guests nationally and internationally have already visited the location on West Second Street in Jamestown during its first 100 days of operation.  Executive Director Journey Gunderson says that 79-percent of visitors are from outside Chautauqua County.

Prior to the Aug. 1 grand opening, Gunderson says the focus was on production for the center.  However, she says the focus now shifts to marketing the National Comedy Center's attractions.  Gunderson says they have a new marketing and communications director, Gary Hahn, who previously worked at Graceland.  She says the center currently holds a 5-5 rating on Trip Advisor, which, she says is rare in the attraction industry.  In addition, Gunderson says they will be hosting two night's of live comedy featuring Caitlin Peluffo and Steven Rogers this weekend.  For more information, go to the center's website. 

A college athlete who says she was cut off by her parents when they found out she is gay has stopped accepting donations from a crowdfunding site...  

GoFundMe donors pledged $100,000 for 19-year-old Emily Scheck, of Webster, New York, after Outsports.com reported Scheck's financial struggles since losing her parents' support.  Scheck's father told The Buffalo News there's more to the story.  Timothy Scheck says the family was only trying to get Scheck to return home.  He says he accepts her sexual orientation.  The GoFundMe campaign's organizer posted Tuesday that Scheck has received more than enough donations and won't accept more.  Scheck, who is on the cross-country team at Canisius College in Buffalo, says her parents cut off contact in August after her mother found a picture of Scheck and a girlfriend.

State police are investigating a two-car, head-on crash that occured on Route 83, just north of Cherry Creek...  

Troopers in Jamestown were called to the scene shortly after 9 a.m. yesterday morning, and found that a southbound car and one vehicle traveling north had collided.  Police say both drivers were hurt-- one with a head injury, the other had a neck injury.  They were treated at the scene, and one was transported to the hospital.  No other details have been released.

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