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Combustables on top of a stove catching fire is the reported cause of a fire that caused considerable damage to a single-family house on Jamestown's southside last night....  

City Fire Lieutenant Nate Alm says crews were called to the scene at 214 Cole Avenue shortly after 6 PM and, found flames coming from the home.  However, Alm says everyone got out safely before they arrived.

Alm says it took firefighters about 10 minutes to bring the flames under control.  He says there were 19 year-old and 17 year-old babysitters inside with a one-and-a-half year-old when the blaze erupted.  Alm says the family of the toddler, and the two babysitters were being helped by the local Red Cross.  He says crews were at the scene until about 9 PM.  An off-duty shift was called in to assist.

The National Weather Service has now issued a Wind Chill Warning for much of Western New York, with wind chills by early Thursday morning reaching 25 to 35-below zero....  

That from Forecaster Kirk Apffel with the National Weather Service in Buffalo, who says we'll also be under a Winter Storm Advisory from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday night.  Apffel says the lake effect snow event will start in the Buffalo area, then move southward.

Apffel says total snow accumulations of 7 to 14 inches possible in the most persistent lake snow areas.  Winds could gust as high as 45 miles an hour later Wednesday through Thursday, which may produce blizzard-like conditions with severe blowing and drifting snow. 

The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services is warning residents to protect themselves if they have to be outside during the bitter cold later today through Thursday morning....  

Epidemiology Manager Breeanne Agett says the strong winds and below-zero temperatures will produce wind chills of 25 to 33-below zero.  Agatt says it's important to wear warm, layered clothing if you have to venture out.

Agett says with such wind chills "frostbite can occur on exposed skin in 10 minutes or less."  She is urging residents to stay indoors during that time period.  She also urges people to check on family or neighbors -- especially the elderly.  Agett says the extremely cold temperatures can also lead to hypothermia and, the elderly and infants are most at risk under these conditions.

The Chautauqua County Humane Society is reminding residents to keep their furry friends in mind during these frigid wind and snow conditions.... 

Community Relations Director Brian Papalia suggests keeping cats inside as they can freeze quickly in cold weather. However, if  you pet goes outside, Papalia says to stay with them. After you go back inside, Papalia says to check  your pet's paws and undersides for ice as soon as possible to prevent frostbite.  Additionally... to prevent any animal-related tragedies, he says to bang loudly on the hood of your car before starting the engine in case an outdoor cat took shelter under the vehicle. For more information on how to keep pets safe, visit their website at SCPAPets.com. 

Three people recently arrested in Randolph for allegedly trafficking significant amounts of methamphetamine and other drugs now face federal charges....  

U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Junior announced late Tuesday that 34 year-old Mark Maio, and 28 year-old Brittany Dellahoy -- both of East Randolph -- and 32 year-old Brandon Smith had been arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and to distribute, methamphetamine and cocaine.  They are also charged with maintaining a drug-involved premises.  Kennedy says the three were initially arrested back on January 24th during a raid involving the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force and, the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force.  He adds that the investigation of the trio began in March of last year and, involved the purchase of drugs by undercover agents.  Police found quantities of meth, crack cocaine and a large amount of cash during the search.  Kennedy says the charges carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine for each.

The Democrat-controlled New York Legislature has passed a series of gun control measures, including one that would prohibit teachers and other school employees from carrying firearms on school grounds....  


The legislation that easily passed the Assembly and Senate on Tuesday also includes a measure that authorizes the removal of guns from the home of a person who has been deemed a risk to themselves or to others.  Under the "red flag" bill, a court could determine if firearms should be taken away from someone considered dangerous or mentally ill.  Other approved legislation included a bill to extend the waiting period from three days to 30 days after an inconclusive background check before a gun can be purchased.  Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo supports the measures and is expected to sign them into law.

Local State Senator Cathy Young says the Child Victim's Act approved by lawmakers in Albany is a good "step forward..." but not the end of the journey....  

In a printed statement late Monday, Young said approval is a victory for "the courageous survivors of childhood sexual abuse who have raised their voices and shared their stories to bring justice to those harmed by this type of crime."  However, the Olean Republican says the bill doesn't go far enough.  She says the Senate missed an opportunity to deliver full justice to the majority of child sexual abuse survivors --- those abused by family, step-family, neighbors or other private individuals who don't have "deep pockets" to pay a settlement.  Young says she voted for the bill but, also pushed the need for her proposed Child Victims Fund, which would provide $300-million to ALL child sexual abuse victims.  She also wants the criminal statute of limitations completely eliminated.  The Child Victims Act raises the statute age from 23 to 28.

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