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A Jamestown woman was taken into custody after being found with drugs in her possession Tuesday afternoon..... 

Sheriff's deputies say a female was seen entering the public front lobby on the South County Office Building visibly under the influence of a narcotic. Further investigation revealed 27 year-old Tiffany Walsh was allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine. Officers say Walsh also had a quantity of meth in her possession. She was issued to appearance tickets for City court at a later date and was released without incident. 

The annual 'Four-H Green Tie Affair' is set for Chautauqua Suites in Mayville on Sunday, February 24th....   

Kate Ewer, the Four-H Youth Educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension says this week is the ideal time to buy your tickets, as the price goes from $20 to $25 after Friday.  Call Four-H at Cornell Cooperative Extension 664-9502, Extension 212.  The 'Green Tie Affair' is a major fundraising dinner.  They hope to bring in $25,000 to keep Four-H programming available for young people in Chautauqua County.  The events at Chautauqua Suites on the 24th begin with a bake sale and basket raffle at 3 PM, the dinner at 5 and conclude with a pie auction.  Kate Ewer adds, this year's dinner will have a country-western theme, with several 'best dressed' awards.  This Friday is also the last day for businesses or groups to buy an entire table of seats for $200. 

After alluding to it in his State of the City message last month, Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas announced he will seek a second term as mayor.....  

In making the announcement, Rosas says he gave it a lot of thought before reaching a decision.  Rosas says he conferred with his family before deciding to run for another four year term.  The retired State trooper began his political career when he was appointed Councilman at Large following the resignation of Stephanie Kayak in 2014.  He became the first Hispanic elected mayor in New York State in 2016.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's spending proposals for New York state's mental hygiene programs are the subject of a public hearing in Albany.....  

The Democratic governor's $175 billion spending plan for the next fiscal year includes his ongoing efforts to reduce the number of New Yorkers who die by suicide each year. Cuomo says federal statistics show that New York state's suicide rate rose by nearly 30 percent from 1999 to 2016.  The governor's also is seeking to pass legislation that will require insurers to apply the same treatment and financial guidelines to autism spectrum disorders as those used for medical and surgical benefits.  A joint Assembly and Senate public hearing on Cuomo's mental hygiene proposals will be held Thursday at the Legislative Office Building in downtown Albany.

The city of Jamestown recently received good news regarding it's bond rating from the other major investment ranking institution....  

Moody's Investors has announced that it has upgraded the city's ability to borrow money from B-a-1, to Baa3 and, Mayor Sam Teresi noted the improvement during comments at last night's City Council work session.  He says it comes after last year's upgrade by Standard and Poor's.

While the news is good, Teresi says it's not to be taken as a cue for the city to go on any kind of "spending spree."  He adds the city is "not out of the woods" financially.  Teresi says the upgrades are a sign of confidence in the way the city has managed it's debt and, been able to pay it off.  It also comes at a time where the administration is considering a bonding measure to borrow more than $10-million  to upgrade their vehicle fleet, as well as upgrade facilities and equipment.

In a video posted to local Congressman Tom Reed's Facebook page, the Republican linked up with New Jersey Democrat Josh Gottheimer in response to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address.... 

Reed says he was overall pleased in the sense of the President's focus on bi-partisianship, national security, infrustructure and healthcare costs. Gottheimer agreed in saying it's incredibly important to find common ground. As co-chairs of the Problem Solver's Caucus,  the Congressmen say extremists on both sides of the aisle have a choice to make, to "put the extremism aside and work together."  Reed also acknowledged Trump's recognition to the record-number of women holding office. Reed and Gottheimer say the that the economy is "booming" and that success should always be applauded. 

State officials say ongoing efforts to crack down on fake identifications being used to illegally purchase alcohol in New York resulted in a record number of bogus I-D seizures last year....  

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state seized 892 of the fake documents as part of Operation Prevent in 2018, up from 814 the previous year.  The Democrat says New York state has zero tolerance for underage drinking and will continue to conduct enforcement efforts to catch people who break beverage control laws.  The year-round compliance efforts led by investigators from the Department of Motor Vehicles target concert venues, bars, restaurants and stores where alcohol is sold.  Officials say of the nearly 900 fake IDs seized last year, more than a third were confiscated at locations in western New York.

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