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A Buffalo-area man suffered minor injuries after the tractor-trailer he was driving went into a ditch on County Route 380 in the town of Kiantone and rolled onto it's side......  

Sheriff's officers were called to the scene just after 6 AM last Saturday and, found the truck -- which was delivering for Tops Markets -- off the westside of the roadway.  Deputies say the driver, 52 year-old Shawn Mellott of Kenmore, was southbound when the truck went off the side of the road and slid into the deep ditch.  Officers say Mellott suffered a non-life threatening head injury and was treated at the scene.  The road was closed for about four hours while the truck was up righted.  Charges are pending against Mellott.

The 33rd annual President's Day Weekend Winter Festival in Mayville may have been the best yet!  

That was the feeling of officials and people attending the two-and-a-half day event at Lakeside Park as it wound down yesterday afternoon.  Mayville/Chautauqua Chamber of Commerce President Sally Andriaccio says they were very pleased to put on more events this year... and, people from across the region responded.

Andriaccio says merchants in Mayville were also very pleased.  She was able to survey a number of them Sunday morning, and they were happy with the added traffic and activity.  Andriaccio says the one area they need to address before next year, with added events, is the need for more volunteers to help out.  Of course, the main attraction of the yearly event -- an ice castle -- was constructed this year just over a week prior to the festival's start.  Andriaccio says the crew -- led by her husband Nick -- wasn't able to start when they wanted because of the recent warm-up. 

All recipients of food stamps in New York will receive their March benefits a week earlier than scheduled.....  

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the early release is to ease the burden on those who stretched February's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits during the federal government shutdown.  The Democrat says all SNAP recipients will get next month's benefits no later than March 7th to mitigate hardships caused by the so-called "SNAP gap."  The federal government directed states to issue February SNAP benefits three weeks earlier than normal to ensure enough funding was available during the shutdown.  That meant recipients needed to make sure February's benefits lasted for more than six weeks.

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi says he's hopeful the owner of the former Grants Building in Jamestown, and tenant Jamestown Brewing Company, can resolve a dispute over the brewery's delayed opening.......  

Teresi says the decision by Jamestown Brewing to file a pending lawsuit against G Patti Enterprises is unfortunate but, he adds the project does continue to move forward.  Otherwise, Teresi would not comment on the suit filed in State Supreme Court.

Teresi adds, though, that the fact the project is still moving forward, is a good sign.  However, he says there will be a delay from what was hoped to be an early March opening.  Teresi says a late March or early April opening is more likely.  The Jamestown Brewing Company at 115-121 West Third Street was proposed by the father and son team of John and John McClellan of Buffalo.  John McClellan, Junior -- the son -- said in a report in the Jamestown Post-Journal that they believe they could still be open by March 4th.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing to close three New York state prisons and make other cost-cutting moves to close what he says is a multi-billion-dollar budget shortfall caused by a decrease in tax revenues....  

The Democrat late last week issued his revenue re-estimates and amendments to the $175-billion spending plan he released to the Legislature on January 15th.  The changes include a plan to this year close three prisons to be chosen after a review by state corrections officials.  Cuomo says the state's inmate population has dipped below 47,000, the lowest in 30 years.  The governor says the closures won't result in staff layoffs. The budget revisions come as Cuomo deals with a $2.6-billion revenue reduction he blames on changes Republicans in Congress made to the federal tax code last year.

The most recent Siena College poll says New York voters support several significant proposals working their way through the state Capitol.....  

The survey released last week finds that nearly 70 percent of respondents back the recently passed Child Victims Act.  It would extend the statute of limitations to give molestation victims more time to sue or seek criminal charges. Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will sign the measure.  The poll also finds majority support for new gun control measures and a law banning discrimination based on a person's gender identity.  The survey had worse news for Cuomo.  Half of respondents express unfavorable views of the Democratic governor, his worst marks since taking office.  The February 4th through 7th telephone survey of 778 registered voters has a margin of error of 4.3 percentage points.

A woman faces a second-degree harassment charge following an incident earlier this month in the town of Ellicott....  

Ellicott Town Police say they took 34 year-old Jennifer Stewart into custody late last week in connection with an alleged assault that occured on February 8th.  Officers accuse Steward of hitting another person several times during the incident.  She was issued appearance tickets for Ellicott Town Court at a later date.

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