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The New York state legislature returns to Albany this week after a break that followed a "very unusual" start to the 2019 session.....  

That from local Assemblyman Andy Goodell, who says there was a flurry of activity in Albany, and a push to get a lot of legislation approved in the first month and a half of the session.  However, while that happened, Goodell says he's concerned about the haste in which the Democratic majorities in the Senate and Assembly moved to pass bills.

Goodell says many of the bills were not new, but the more liberal legislation had been bottled up in the Senate when Republicans had the majority the past several years.  With Democrats in charge on each side, he says there's been no real discussion or debate on much of the legislation and as a result, there were a lot of "unintended consequences" that came up.  One of those bills that had to be corrected was the one regarding State Election Reform.  He adds some of the laws did NOT include comments made during the last legislative session, which should have been considered during debate. 

New York Governor Andrew Como says people found to fraudulently claim a state property tax credit should be barred from reapplying for the benefit for six years....

The Democrat announced the proposal on Tuesday and said he'll ask lawmakers to include the provision in next year's state budget.  Cuomo says homeowners who cheat on their application for the state's STAR tax credit program should be held accountable for their attempt to profit at the expense of other taxpayers.  The STAR benefit program provides more than $3-billion dollars in property tax relief each year.  The program was created to ease the burden of high school property taxes on older homeowners and those with incomes of under $500,000.

The New York Senate has approved a new program that aims to ensure proper burials for veterans whose bodies are unclaimed....  

The Democrat-led chamber passed the bill Tuesday on a unanimous vote.  It would require local governments to work with veteran organizations whenever a veteran's next of kin cannot be identified.  The bill's sponsor, Senator Michael Gianaris, a Queens Democrat, says no one is more deserving of a respectful burial than the men and women who served in the armed forces.  The bill has not yet received a vote in the Democrat-led Assembly.

Chautauqua County's top-elected official will deliver his second State of the County message when county lawmakers hold their monthy meeting in Mayville tonight...  

County Executive George Borrello says his speech will focus on forging new collaborations.

Borrello says he's pleased with the progress that was made during his first year in office, adding that he's excited about the progress made in his first year on the job.  He says he will work to have an even better second one.  Among the collaborations, is establishing a county-wide economic development alliance.  He will make his presentation during the County Legislature's meeting that begins at 6:30 PM in the Legislative Chambers of the Gerace Office Building in Mayville. 

The first of what could be a number of administrative changes at Jamestown City Hall has come about in the wake of Mayor Sam Teresi's decision not to run for a sixth-term in office this Fall.....  

City Director of Financial Services and Clerk Todd Thomas resigned to take a new job with the Chautauqua County Attorney's Office in Mayville.  Thomas's resignation was read, and approved at Monday's City Council voting session.  His replacement for the last 10 months of the year will be the man he replaced -- Jim Olson.

After Monday's meeting, Thomas told the media he would start as an Assistant in county Attorney Stephen Abdella's Office next Monday.  He says with the "uncertainty about what every election cycle holds..." he had just begun looking for a different position.  Thomas was an attorney in Jamestown the past few years until Teresi appointed him 18-months ago to replace Jim Olson.  Mayor Teresi has appointed Olson to fill out the remainder of the term.  Thomas says his new job will allow he and his wife to carpool to Mayville, where she works for the state. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is dropping a proposal to ban all modified stretch limousines, an idea prompted by last fall's crash that killed 20 people....  

The Albany Times-Union reports that the provision was stricken from Cuomo's state budget proposal.  Cuomo is still seeking several other changes to enhance regulations of limos, and a spokesman said Cuomo still wants to prohibit any stretch limos that violate federal safety standards.  Under that proposal, state motor vehicle officials could revoke the registration of any stretch limo missing its federal safety certification tag.  The October 6th crash in Schoharie County west of Albany involved a limo that prosecutors say shouldn't have been on the road.  The operator of the limousine has pleaded not guilty to criminally negligent homicide.

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