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The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities Water Division reports a water main break on Prospect Street at Brown this morning....  

BPU Spokeswoman Becky Robbins say we could see discolored water in the south and west side areas near the break for 12-to-24 hours.  Water customers should avoid doing laundry until their water appears clear. Robbins says, as temperatures swing from warmer weather to cold and cold to warm, the earth shifts into water pipes and causes them to crack, resulting in main breaks and, are to be expected at this time of year.

A domestic violence complaint has led to the arrest of a Jamestown policeman for being in possession of a forged document....  

City Police Chief Harry Snellings says officers arrested 40 year-old Kenneth Nellis-the-third for second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument at 230 Schuyler Street about 8 PM Monday night.  While confirming that Nellis is an officer with the department, he would not divulge what had been forged.  He also declined further comment.  Nellis is awaiting arraignment on the Felony charge.

Chautauqua County Executive George Borello appears poised to run for the State Senate seat vacated by Kathy Young....  

The Post-Journal reports this morning (Wednesday) that the Chautauqua County Conservative Party has endorsed Borello for the seat.  The paper quotes Anna Wilcox, chair of the state Conservative Executive Committee, as saying "We need George Borello... to stand up for the interests of the people of the 57th district."  Borello is just in his second year as Chautauqua County Executive. The governor has not yet indicated if a special election will be called, or if the seat will be filled in the general election in November.

With the assistance of a $50,000 Jamestown Local Development Corporation "Fund for Downtown" programming grant, the Jamestown High School Marching Band and A Cappella Choir will bring the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra to the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts on Friday, July 19th to perform "The Music of Queen: A Rock Symphony". Tickets will go on sale today and can be purchased at the Reg Box Office....  

JPS Communication Coordinator Cathy Panebianco says the concert will be a fundraiser for the JHS Red Raider Marching Band and A Cappella's trip to Disney World in December, which was approved by the Jamestown Board of Education at Tuesday's meeting. Band Director Megan Murray says they "are extremely grateful to the Jamestown Local Development Corporation for supporting our efforts. The JHS Music Program is fortunate to have the constant support of our community and we were thrilled to receive this grant award."

A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly stalking another person -- and committing domestic violence -- on the city's northside.... 

Jamestown Police were called to a Price Street address just after 8 AM Monday morning on a complaint of an unwanted person.  Officers say 19 year-old Andre Richards was arrested nearby and charged with fourth-degree stalking and second-degree aggravated harassment.  He was jailed pending arraignment.

Local Congressman Tom Reed believes the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative will at least have some money restored after taking a 90-percent hit in President Trump's 2020 budget proposal....  

Reed says the funding is needed to deal with long-standing environmental issues, including the removal of toxic pollution and fighting invasive species.  There is only $30-million in the president's propsal.  But, while he disagrees with that proposal, there are aspects of the $4.7-trillion spending plan he likes -- including the fact there's actually a plan that's been released.

Chautauqua County Executve George Borrello, a county legislator and County Watershed Coordnator Dave McCoy met with Reed yesterday afternoon to discuss water projects for both Lakes Erie and Chautauqua.  He expected a number of topics that Borrello previewed would be discussed, including three dredging projects on Lake Erie, along with a federal flood mitigation and water quality study of Chautauqua Lake.  Reed made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.

As state lawmakers continue to work on a new state budget, Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to blame a $2.3 billion loss in tax revenues on the Trump Administration and specifically on the SALT tax revisions....  

However, one area state lawmaker doesn't agree completely with Cuomo.  Cuomo made his comments during a news conference in Albany on Monday.

State Assemblyman Joe Giglio says the SALT provision is important, but he isn't believe it's the only factor.  He says taxes are too high in general, and that and progressive policies are driving businesses and people out.  Cuomo says he will push New York's House delegation to repeal the changes made to the State and Local Tax deduction.  State lawmakers face an April 1 budget deadline. 

Three boys -- two of them under the age of 15 -- have been arrested for allegedly breaking into a building in Cherry Creek, and stealing property inside.....  

Sheriff's officers and State Police were called to the scene on Depot Street shortly after 4 PM Monday on a report of three people entering a building.  However, the suspects allegedly fled the scene before they arrived.  They were all found during a subsequent search of the area and, found they had allegedly burglarized the building.  A 17 year-old was arrested for third-degree burglary, and petty larceny.  A 14 and 11 year-old were turned over to a guardian pending further court action.

An advisory panel working to take over, and operate the Jamestown Jammers summer collegiate baseball team, has made "a lot of progress" in it's goal of re-starting the team in 2020.....  

The teams current owners, ROC Ventures of Wisconsin, announced late last year that they were pulling support of the local team to focus on their midwest sports operations.  However, ROC Ventures agreed to let the local group -- which includes Attorney Greg Peterson -- form an ownership group to take over the team.

Peterson says the seven-person group will be putting an annual budget plan together looking at projected revenues, and expenses.  Mayor Sam Teresi, who urged ROC Ventures to give local ownership a chance to take over the team, says there are opportunities for local residents to take part beyond being a fan.  He says the not-for-profit LLC will give local residents the chance to have an "ownership share."  For more information on opportunities with the new team, which will re-enter the Perfect Game League in 2020, call Greg Peterson at 664-3906.

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