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A Canadian woman was arrested early last weekend when she accidently drove her truck into the side of a Randolph restaurant while she was allegedy drunk.... 

State Police in Jamestown say they were called to the scene at Pete's Place late last Friday, and their investigation found that 37 year-old Debra Ralph of Nova Scotia was driving the vehicle when it struck the building, causing minor injuries to one of the patrons.  Troopers say Ralph failed several sobriety tests and, provided a 0.22 breath sample at police headquarters.  A second person, 32 year-old Geoffrey Blew of Kennedy, was also arrested for allegedly using obscene language, and urinating in the parking lot, during the investigation.  Blew was jailed pending further court action, while Ralph was issued appearance tickets for a later date.

A local peer-to-peer program for local veterans to help them cope with life after the military will be featured during the upcoming "Military Make-over" programs about Ashville veteran Cody Willett.... 

The make-over of the Willett home was completed by the program's crews, and will be aired on Lifetime Channel for at least four shows, starting next month.  The head of the local PFC Joseph P. Dwyer Peer Support Program, Cindy Reidy, says Willett contacted her last February because he wanted to feature the program during the makeover shows.  Reidy was able to mobilze more than 100 people to help out.

Reidy says Dwyer was an Iraq War veteran who suffered physical and psychological injuries but, found no programming to help him.  Dwyer later died from overly self-medicating himself.  Reidy says the "Vet-to-Vet" approach of the program allows for complete anonymity withour fear of reprisal.  She says they stress outside activities to allow vets to interact, such as bowling, and coffee hours.  We talked with Reidy at the Heritage Group's "Homestead Stables..." where six Dwyer members receive equinne therapy.  For more information, go on-line to Dwyerhchautauqua.com.

The Supreme Court case 'Korematsu vs. U.S.' will be commemorated beginning today (Monday) in a series of programs sponsored by the Robert H. Jackson Center....  
Seventy-five years ago, in the midst of World War II, Fred Koramatsu defied an order that Japanese-Americans be sent to internment camps.  While the Supreme Court affirmed the internment, Robert H. Jackson wrote a powerful dissent... in support of 'equal protection' under the law.  The film "Of Civil Wrongs and Rights: The Fred Korematsu Story" will be shown tonight (Monday) at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts.  The movie will be introduced by Koramatsu's daughter, Karen.  On Tuesday at the Jackson Center, John Q. Barrett, an authority on Jackson's work will speak about the Korematsu decision.  The Center's Greg Peterson will interview Karen Korematsu, and a play about the decision will be read.  More information is available from roberthjackson.org or by calling  483-6646.

State officials say last month's Earth Day "trash blitz" conducted by transportation department employees resulted in thousands of bags of garbage being picked up along New York roads and highways....  

Department of Transportation officials say the April 22nd trash collection effort by more than 1,900 agency workers assisted by jail inmates hauled in more than 8,600 bags of garbage.  DOT officials say the statewide trash pick-up was held on Earth Day to encourage motorists to not litter New York's landscape. 

The soon-to-be retiring president of the State University of New York college at Fredonia is reflecting on her time as head of the institution for the past 14 years....  

Dr. Virginia Horvath is also preparing for her final commencement ceremony later this month.  Horvath will be retiring on July 1st.  Horvath believes one of her greatest accomplishments is getting the village of Fredonia and the city of Dunkirk to begin to work together.

Horvath became Fredonia's 13th president in 2012.  When announcing Horvath's retirement last month, SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson said she will be working with the Board of Trustees on an interim president, while a search is conducted for a permanent one.  Horvath will be retiring in Ohio to be closer with her family.  

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo invoked a mother's instinct to protect as he signed legislation on Mother's Day that expands the number of speed cameras in New York City school zones....  

The Democrat was accompanied by his mother, Matilda Cuomo, on Sunday as well as other elected officials and advocates who pushed for the legislation.  The legislation, passed by the Democrat-controlled state Legislature in March, vastly increases the school safety camera program from the roughly 160 school zones where they are currently to around 750 zones having cameras in two or three years.  Supporters of the speed cameras say lives are saved when drivers are forced to slow down and speeding infractions have decreased significantly in the zones where cameras have been installed.

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