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(**Update)Jamestown woman arrested for allegedly holding knife to man's throat during early Tuesday incident...
A city woman is jailed on $40,000 cash bail for allegedly holding a knife to the throat of a man during an argument on Jamestown's westside early Tuesday morning.  City police were called to the scene at 269 Fairmount Ave. just after 1:30 a.m., and, found that 34 year-old Jennifer Allen had gotten into the argument with the unidentified victim... and, wound up hurting him when she pulled the knife.  Officers say they found Allen a short time later... and, found that the victim had an order of protection against her.  She was arraigned on charges of first-degree criminal contempt... and, aggravated criminal contempt... and, sent to the county lock-up. 

Quattrone has issues with new law for back seat belts, but, says people should use them...
State lawmakers are expected to take action on legislation later this week requiring adults to wear seat belts when riding in the rear of vehicles.  Chautauqua County Sheriff Jim Quattrone says back seat riders should be buckled up for a couple of reasons.  Quattrone says it's not only a danger to the people in the back, but, those in the front as well it riders fly forward.  The current law requires all front-seat passengers as well as rear seat passengers under 16 to be using seat belts.  Quattrone says the use of rear seat belts should be common sense... and, would not need to be enforced.  AAA and the State Medical Society are backing the proposed legislation.

Former Water and Soil District Assistant Treasurer admits to stealing more than $4,000 from district...
The former treasurer for the Chautauqua County Water and Soil District has now pleaded guilty to stealing 41-hundred dollars in county funds.  That from State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli... who says 48 year-old Debra Kelley of Portland... admitted to pocketing cash fees she collected from the public... instead of depositing them in the bank.  DiNapoli’s office discovered the gap during an audit and investigation and partnered with Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson in the investigation.  DiNapoli says "the trust put into Ms. Kelley by Chautauqua County residents was violated.  Her actions and the consequences are a warning to others who violate their duty to the public. I thank Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson for working with us on this case.”  DiNapoli says Kelley resigned after 26 years of employment and she admitted to stealing the cash between 2012 and 2017.  She has agreed to pay back $4,100 in restitution, and pled guilty to petty larceny.

Debate still taking place over proposed legalization of recreational pot...
Disagreements over the details of proposals to legalize recreational marijuana for adults in New York could prevent a vote on the measure this year.  Despite broad support for legalization among many lawmakers, negotiations have yet to resolve several big questions, including whether the state would expunge the criminal records of people with past pot convictions.  Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and top lawmakers had hoped to reach agreement on a legalization bill before the Legislature adjourns for the year next month. 

Karen Korematsu speaks at Jackson Center to commemorate 75th Anniversary of landmark 1944 case...
The impact of the landmark 1944 U-S Supreme Court decision in "Korematsu vs the United States" is still being felt today.  That from Karen Korematsu... the daughter of Fred Korematsu... who sued the federal government for unjustly imprisoning more than 120-thousand Japanese -- most of them American citizens -- on the West Coast during World War-Two.  During the 75th anniversary program Tuesday at the Robert H. Jackson Center... Karen Korematsu recalled talking to her father about former Attorney General John Ashcroft having hundreds of Muslims arrested after the "9/11" attacks.  She says it's kind of a "continuation of different forms of violations of our civil rights."  In 1942, she says it was racial profiling... after "9/11" it's been racial and religous profiling.  Karen Korematsu discussed the institute -- named afer her father -- and, it's part in the fight against the Travel Ban against half-a-dozen Muslim majority nations in the "Trump versus Hawaii" case decided in 2017.  She says the 5-to-4 decision to uphold the ban was "very disappointing."

Reed supports Trump's tough stance on trade deal with China...
There is support for President Donald Trump's tough stance against the Chinese government on trade coming from both sides of the political aisle.  Local Congressman Tom Reed is among those supporting the president in the escalating trade dispute between the two countries.  Trump is downplaying the dispute as nothing more than "a little squabble" between friends.  Reed is optimistic there will be a final deal... and, says final passage of the U-S, Mexico, Canada trade agreement could play a big role.  However... the Corning Republican says Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding up a vote because she doesn't want to "give the president a win."  Reed agrees the dispute has been hurting an already struggling agriculture industry... but, he says final approval of the USMC will help relieve some of that.  He adds that a new margin support program is to begin next month... and, that should help struggling producers.  Reed made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with regional media.

State Senate looks to vote on measure to battle Opioid addiction...
New York's Democrat-controlled state Senate plans to vote on legislation aimed at battling the opioid crisis.  A bill sponsored by Senator Pete Harckham of Westchester, would require addiction treatment providers to contact pre-designated loved ones when someone undergoing treatment shows potentially life-threatening behaviors such as testing positive for drugs.  Harckham says his "Stephen's Law" proposal also would allow treatment providers to release details of a patient's behavior or condition to up to three people designated by the person undergoing treatment. 


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