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WJTN News Headlines for May 22, 2019

Voters in the Jamestown Public School District have overwhelmingly approved a $90.7-million budget for the 2019-2020 school year that holds the line on taxes....

The new spending plan was adopted by a huge, 367-to-70 margin.  Residents also approved a tranportation measure, 386-to-48.  School Board President Paul Abbott was pleased with the turn-out, and the result.

Abbott says he also believes the public -- in general -- appreciates the fact there hasn't been a tax increase in the past several years.  He also believes the community supports what they are doing, including starting up the new "Success Academy" at the former Rogers School next Fall.  In addition to the propositions, the public also re-elected School Board members Patrick Slagle and Joe Pawelski.


Residents in the Southwestern Central School District have approved a new, 2019-2020 budget by a huge margin....  

The $29.2-million spending plan was approved by district votes, 268-to-106.  School Superintendent Maureen Donahue says they also approved a 496-thousand dollar transporation measure, 286-to-87... and, establishing a Capital Improvements Reserve Fund, 275-to-101.

Donahue says the budget increases the tax levy by 1.5-percent and, does include something this year the district has not had in recent years, a school resource officer.  The new vehicles include two, 66-passenger buses... and, on 60-passenger bus.  In addition, school board member Correy Miller ran unopposed.

In Falconer... district residents approved the 2019-2020 budget by a nearly 5-to-1 margin.  The $23.7-million spending plan was adopted, 145-to-32.  Incumbant school board members Robert Carpenter and Tracy Schrader, and newcomer Marci Conti ran unopposed for three seats on the panel.    

In the Bemus Point School District... voters approved a $15.8-million budget, 250 to 50.  They also adopted a $250,000 bus proposition, 259-to-46... and, an elementary school project, 257-to-52.  Incumbant school board members Brian Whalen, and Barry Swanson were re-elected over Robert Lucas, and Steven Washer.

The majority of voters approved a budget for the new school year in Clymer... but, the spending plan was defeated because it did not receive a supermajority.  The budget -- which exceeded the 2-percent property tax cap -- received 580 yes votes... and, 459 no votes.  That's only a 55-percent majority, while 60-percent was needed.

There was also a close vote in the Pine Valley District... where voters approved a $17.1-million budget, 184-to-139.  A measure adding a student representative to the school board was approved 249-to-74.  Five people won school board seats with eight running.  The winners included incumbants Lawrence Zollinger and Rose Kruszka.

The Panama School District has a new budget in place for the 2019-2020 school year.  Voters there approved a $12.9-million spending plan, 148-to-16.  School Board incumbant Carrie Munsee and newcomer Jen Daniels won five-year terms on the panel.

In Cassadaga... a $24-million spending plan was approved for the new school year, 247-to-52.  A bus proposition also passed, 245-to-52... and, a transporation reserve fund was approved, 241-to-56.  Gene Oag and Michael Johnson were elected to the school board.

Residents in the Sherman School District approved a $10.4-million budget, 187-to-44.  They also approved a bus purchase, 18-to-50.  Brian Bates edged out Joe DeLellis for one school board seat, 116-to-111.

The Frewsburg Central School District also received approval for a $17.7-million budget for the new school year 166-to-52. The spending plan included a 2.66-percent tax levy increase. Other approved propositions include the purchase of school buses for the district, capital projects and energy efficiency improvements. Three people were elected to the school board-- Randy Wiltsie, Polly Hanson and John Spacht, each ran unopposed. 

The Lakewood-Busti Police Department is asking for the public's help into an animal cruelty investigation, in which a cow and its newborn calf were killed earlier this month..... 

Officers say they received a report of an Angus Cow being shot and killed on Donelson Road and, the deceased animals were found in the pasture, near the five corners of Busti. The owner of the cow reportedly heard gunshots coming from the area the weekend prior to May 8th. Lakewood-Busti Police have spoken to multiple subjects with no results.  Anyone with information that could aid the investigation is asked to contact the police department at 763-9563. 

Local Congressman Tom Reed backs the change in leadership of the State Republican Party, with Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy expected to replace Ed Cox..... 

During a conference call with regional media Tuesday, the Corning Republican said he feels the change to Langworthy will help the upstate region.

Reed was quick to credit Cox for his leadership, saying he laid a solid foundation for the GOP across the state.  He also says it's good to go in a different direction.  Cox is reportedly joining the Trump 2020 Re-election Campaign.  Reed and Chautauqua County GOP Chairman David Wilfong were among the people supporting Langworthy in his bid to unseat Cox, who was blamed for Republican losses in the state last Fall.  Some of those resulted in the loss of the GOP Majority in the state Senate.

Chautauqua County lawmakers will be taking up a proposal that would assist the newly formed 'Chautauqua Lake Pops by the Shore' with $10,000 from the 3 percent occupancy tax reserve fund....  

County Executive George Borrello backs the proposal, which has cleared two legislative committees.

The Chautauqua Lake Pops is the former Bemus Bay Pops.  Borrello believes the move should help the village of Mayville, which is the county seat.  The County Legislature will hold its monthly meeting Wednesday night at 6:30 pm.  

Immigrants from around New York state have rallied at the state Capitol to call on legislators to authorize driver's licenses for residents who entered the country illegally....  

Tuesday's event featured remarks from top lawmakers including Democratic Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, of the Bronx, who said his chamber would pass the legislation.  The measure remains deeply unpopular with some Republican lawmakers and no vote has been scheduled in either the Assembly or the Senate, both controlled by Democrats, with less than five weeks left in the legislative session.  Supporters argue that licenses would help immigrants with everyday transportation, a particular challenge for those who work upstate agricultural jobs.  Twelve states already permit driver's licenses for immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally.