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WJTN News Headlines for May 28, 2019

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office has announced three people were rescued from water over Memorial Day weekend.... 

On Sunday, Deputies received a call that a cabin cruiser was disabled and taking on water near the overlook in the Town of Ellery.  Officers say the two occupants were taken to shore by a passing boat. The Sheriff's Navigation division responded to the scene and found the vessel had sank with the bow sticking out of the water.  Hazmat teams placed booms around the sunken boat Monday to collect any leaking fuel.  An attempt to recover the vessel will be made today depending on weather conditions.  Nearby on Lake Erie, a 45 year-old man was rescued after his kayak overturned Monday afternoon. The Sheriff's Marine Division was called to assist the man near the Village of Silver Creek about 1:30 PM. The kayaker wore a life jacket and was uninjured.

The guest speaker at Jamestown's annual Memorial Day ceremony at Soldiers Circle at Lakeview Cemetery was U.S. Air Force Veteran, Doug Kibbe, who is pastor of the local 'Church on the Rock.'  

Looking at the sea of flags marking the graves at Soldiers Circle, Kibbe said "we have all been touched by the ultimate sacrifice made by these men and women in service to their country, a sacrifice that produced great heartache for those close to them."  The pastor encouraged the audience to not only look back on Memorial Day, but let those who serve in the military today hear 'our words of commendation.'  The Lakeview Cemetery service includes the presentation of a half dozen wreaths in memory of all deceased veterans.  The Jamestown Municipal Band provided the music for the program.  

Across Chautauqua County and the rest of the nation, people paused Monday to mark Memorial Day.  Many were honored by parades, such as the annual one in Busti.......

The Southwestern High School and Middle School Bands took part in the annual march into the five corners, and the Gazebo next to the Busti Cemetery.  The Keynote Speech was given by the Reverend Roy Fergunson, who first recalled having a long lay-over in Washington, D-C some time ago... and, going to see Arlington Cemetery with his wife.  He recalled thinking of the song "What Did They Die For?" and, looking out at those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Ferguson says those buried in Arlington Cemetery are not unlike those veteran's buried behind them at Busti Cemetery and, he remembered the father of J-C Mattison, who was the county's first casualty in the war in Iraq.  When Charlie Cooper of Jamestown later died in Afghanistan, James Matteson wrote the Cooper family about how he dealt with his loss.  He says it helped him to remember the sacrifice made by Christ in 33 AD.

As the 75th anniversary of D-Day approaches, historians and educators worry that the World War-Two milestone is losing its resonance with today's students....  

In North Carolina and many other U.S. states, D-Day isn't part of the required curriculum, though some teachers do use the anniversary to spend extra time on the June 6th, 1944, battle.  It's not a stand-alone topic in France, which was liberated from German occupation.  German schools concentrate on the Holocaust and Nazi dictatorship.  Schools in Russia avoid D-Day because they believe the victories on the Eastern Front won the war.  In Cary, North Carolina, Kasey Turcol during one class taught her students at Crossroads FLEX High School about D-Day, including lesser-known aspects like tales of a Spanish spy.

Two men were killed last Sunday morning in southern Warren County, Pennsylvania, when their all-terrain vehicle struck a deer and crashed in Triumph Township.....  
State Police in Warren say 54 year-old Frank Gariepy of Tidoute was driving the ATV west on Campbell Hill Road about 7:20 AM when he struck the deer, and the vehicle went off the road, and into a field.  Troopers say the ATV rolled over several times.  Both Gariepy and his passenger, 52 year-old Scott Hart of Slippery Rock, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Retired State Senator Cathy Young had been a fixture at Memorial Day Services across the 57th Senate District....  

However, with her new position at Cornell Agri-Tech, she was unable to be on hand this year.  Her impact was acknowledged during last Saturday's Gold Star Memorial Rememberance at Jamestown's still-new Veteran's Park in Jamestown.  Local Blue Star President, Sue Rowley, works in the 57th District office in Jamestown and, says Young worked tirelessly for local veterans.

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi was attending his last Gold Star Rememberance as mayor and, praised Young for her help in getting the park moved from next to the old Post Office, to West Third Street and Logan Avenue.  He adds that the $100,000 grant wasn't the only grant she obtained.  There was another to match local funds raised for the initial project.  Teresi adds that more is being done in the park in the coming year with a couple of projects taking place, including one to add more parking areas for those attending events like the Gold Star Memorial Rememberance.