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Borrello says number of jobs, and confidence in Chautauqua County are growing...
Local business leaders were told Friday morning that Chautauqua County is "turning a corner..." and, it's showing up in the latest figures from the New York State Labor Department.  That from County Executive George Borrello... who headlined the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce's annual County Executive Breakfast at Chautauqua Suites in Mayville.  Borrello says local "self-confidence" has improved... and he says it's been bouyed by what the labor department is now reporting.  He says between April of 2018 and 2019, the number of "net jobs" in the county grew by 400 -- the most it has in about a decade.  Borrello adds the labor department also says the county's workforce participation rate is the highest it's been in "many years..." and, the jobless rate fell a full percentage point.  At the same time... he says it points to the need for more skilled workforce.  Borrello says -- in recent months -- Jamestown Community College -- has really stepped up -- with 30 recipients of JCC's new Workforce Development Scholarships.  It's for students that want to learn about the skilled-trades.   Borrello praised JCC President Daniel DeMarte and other leaders there for their efforts to get the program up and running to train people for new, and better jobs.  At the same time... he says there is still work to do to bring up the skills of the local workforce. 

County Exec. also says new application to bring commercial air service back to Jamestown Airport to be sent out soon...
Chautauqua County is working on a new funding model that Executive George Borrello believes will provide a bigger local share of funding for commercial air service at the Jamestown Airport.  He was asked about the status of the county's application to get the Essential Air Service program restored to the County Airport during Friday morning's Executive Breakfast hosted by the county Chamber of Commerce.  Borrello says they are working to literally get local businesses "buy in" to the program... using a "season ticket holder" type model.  He says local funding will help keep air service here long term.  Borrello says the reason they aren't getting the federal dollars for County Airport maintenance and upgrades is their lack of commercial air service.  He says the county ends up having to pay out a larger local share because they don't get as much federal funding.  Borrello says the county expects to reapply for the EAS Service again shortly... based mainly on input they got back from the U-S Department of Transportation on what their first application lacked.  The county lost it's Essential Air Service in early 2018 after ridership with the past carrier failed to meet federal standards.

Inert Practice Artillery Shell Found in Cattaraugus County...
The Chautauqua County Regional Bomb Squad was called to safely remove an artillery shell from the yard of a Cattaraugus County man's home.  Sheriff's Officers in Little Valley say Peter Guadagno -- of New Albion -- was digging around his yard he found what appeared to be the old military shell.  Deputies say the item was three-inches around and about 10 inches long... and the bomb squad was able to safely transport the shell from the area.  The United States Air Force Explosive Ordinance Team conducted further investigation... and, concluded the shell was an inert practice round and did not present any danger. Anyone who comes across any military ordinance, like an old grenade or artillery shell, should leave it undisturbed and call 911.

State Legislature approve nursing mothers from Jury Duty...
Lawmakers in New York have voted to exempt nursing mothers from jury duty.  The Senate and Assembly this week both passed legislation which would permit women to delay jury duty up to two years if they are breastfeeding a baby.  Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, a Bronx Democrat who sponsored the bill, says that women should be allowed to postpone their service in order to prioritize the well-being of their child.  Under the proposal, nursing mothers could use a doctor's note to delay their service on a jury. 

About 140 take part in annual Van Miller Golf Tournament in Dunkirk...
One of the best receivers in Buffalo Bills history was among the more than 100 people participating in the 11th annual Van Miller Hometown Hero Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament held Friday at Shorewood Country Club.  Retired Wide Receiver Jerry Butler played with the Bills in the 1980s... and developed a close relationship with the legendary broadcaster.  Lake Shore Savings Bank President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Reininga helps organized the tournament each year... and, says they had a great turn-out with about 140 people taking part in the event.  The annual tournament helps raise funds for the scholarship program and recognizes the late sports broadcaster from Dunkirk.

Moose Sightings up in state; DEC urging more reporting...
The New York state Department of Environmental Conservation is asking people to report moose sightings to help wildlife biologists involved in a multi-year research project on the status of the moose population.  Officials say moose sightings increase in the spring as cows prepare to give birth and last year's calves look for their own territories.  In 2018... 220 moose observations were reported to DEC, up from 163 in 2017.  Biologists say it's likely due to increased public awareness of the research project. 


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