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WJTN News Headlines for Jun. 12, 2019

Grief counselors and others have been brought to Jamestown's Washington Middle School to help students and staff deal with the loss of a well-known and popular teacher.....  

That from School Principal Melissa Emerson, who says she had to deliver the stunning news about the unexpected death of English Language Arts Teacher Jason Williams to staff Monday morning.  Emerson says students were then told and kept in their home rooms for a longer time period.

In a printed release on the district's website, Superintendent Bret Apthorpe calls Williams' death a "very sad event."  Williams, who was also well-known in the local theater community, passed away unexpectedly last weekend at the age of 40.  Emerson says the news comes on the heels of Williams looking at a possible new assignment at the district's new Success Academy.  She says Williams was a "very creative teacher" who was always thinking "outside the box..." and, that endeared him to his students.  Jason Williams was employed at Washington for 14 years. 

A city man is jailed without bail on multiple rape and sexual assault charges in connection with incidents in the towns of Ellery and Sheridan since early May.....  

Sheriff's deputies say they received a report on a "suspicious situation" last May 9th and, began investigating the matter.  Details were not released, but officers say they arrested 33 year-old Richard Lefrance of Forest AVenue late Monday on two counts of second-degree rape, three counts of second-degree criminal sexual act and, first-degree sexual abuse.  Lafrance was arraigned, and sent to the county lock-up.

A Westfield man has been arrested for allegedly pulling a knife and threatening another person during an argument on Jamestown's eastside Monday afternoon....  

City Police were called to the scene at 305 East Fifth Street about 2:30 PM on a report of a person with a weapon.  Officers say the suspect, 29 year-old Ryan Kelley, had fled the scene prior to their arrival.  Police found Kelley a short distance away and, he was arrested.  Officers say Kelley was charged with second-degree menacing, and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and, was jailed pending arraignment.

Local Congressman Tom Reed is applauding President Trump for being able to work out an immigration deal with Mexico after threatening to slap new tariffs on our southern neighbors....  

The Corning Republican says the fact that the Mexican government recognizes the crisis at the border, and is willing to help reduce the influx of migrants is a good first step.

However, while Reed says the threat of tariffs helped in this case, he doesn't believe that it's good over the long term because it's not a "sustainable policy."  He says it also hurts efforts to get a new trade deal in place.  Congress has yet to act on the U-S, Mexico, and Canada trade deal and, Reed has put the blame squarely on Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Ultimately, Reed says Congress needs to take action to deal with the immigration and refugee issue at the southern border.

A consulting firm from Lancaster, New York has provided county officials with a white paper on available management techniques for dealing with the weed problem in Chautauqua Lake....  

County Executive George Borrello says they have shared the report, released earlier this month by Ecology and Environment, Inc. with other groups including the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Borrello says the report looks at a number of options on how to control the weeds, including the use of available herbicides.  He hopes it gives people some "level of comfort" in using herbicides as one way to handle weed issues.  Meanwhile, Borrello says the early indications are encouraging about the work that was completed earlier this season in the lake.  

It's unlikely that legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in New York State will get passed during this year's legislative session.....  

However, the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office is preparing for such legislation to be legalized.  That from Sheriff Jim Quattrone, who says it may not happen this year, but the feels the legalization of pot will eventually happen.

Quattrone says one of the issues for law enforcement officers in states where marijuana has been legalized is an increase in car accidents where drivers are under the influence of cannabis.  He points to Colorado as an example where the number of crashes involving such drives has risen.  Quattrone says other issues that have come up in such states include continuing illegal sales of pot, as well as a higher THC content in cannabis leading to a potential psychosis in people who use the drug.

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