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Sheriff's office, Carroll Town Police investigating hit and run involving SUV, motorcycle...
Local police are looking for a black, late model Sports Utility Vehicle, that may have been involved in a hit-and-run accident with a motorcycle in the town of Carroll earlier this week.  Sheriff's officers on their Facebook page say Carroll Town Police report the accident occured on Route 62 at Ivory Rd. about Noon this past Tuesday.  Deputies say the SUV... which looked like a GMC Yukon... was southbound on 62 when it approached the blinking light, and turned left when it struck the motorcycle.  The operator of the two-wheeler, identified as Paul Fardink, was not seriously hurt.  He told police the SUV had chrome accents, and blacked out wheel rims.  It was reportedly driven by a white female.  If you have any information on what happened... you're asked to call Carroll Town Police at 569-5365.

Juvenile arrested for allegedly damaging benches at Bergman Park...
A juvenile from Jamestown has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing several park benches earlier this month in Bergman Park on Baker Street.  City police were called to the scene back on June 5 by Parks Department employees... and, found the damaged benches.  Officers say park surveillance video showed the youth... who was identified in the video... damaging the property.  He was charged with criminal mischief, and is to appear in Family Court and the Probation Department at a later date.

Quattrone says only sparkler devices, not fireworks, are legal in Chautauqua County...
Local police agencies are gearing up for the fast arriving Fourth of July holiday... and are warning residents about the illegalities -- and dangers -- of fireworks.  While Sparker-type devices are legal in New York state... and are being sold in Chautauqua County right now... actual fireworks remain illegal unless it's a professional display.  Sheriff Jim Quattrone says part of the problem locally is the proximity of Pennsylvania... where many fireworks are legal.  Quattrone says there is often an influx of pyrotechnics into the county from the Keystone State, but, he says they continue to enforce state law.  He says sparklers are hand-held, or ground-based devices that produce a stream of red and white sparklers.  The sparkler devices, though, are sold as fireworks in the temporary big tents that have been put up at various businesses across the county during this time of year.  However... while sparklers are legal here... Quattrone says they can still be dangerous because they burn at very high temperatures.  He urges residents to let the professionals shoot off the pyrotechnics at any local fireworks display.  Quattrone made his comments for this weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the six Media One Radio Group stations.

Upstate County Clerks standing against state's new "Green Light Law..."
A group of more than 30 county clerks from across the state are urging the Trump administration to review the legality of the new "Green Light" law... the legislation signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo that makes undocumented immigrants eligible for driver's licenses.  Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore recently told us that he does not intend to follow the new law.  Barmore says, as a clerk, he is not there to determine whether someone is a legal resident or not.  However... he says they still need six points of identification to receive a license.  The clerks are concerned that the law could create a conflict for them because they are sworn to uphold both the state and federal constitutions.  The letter asking for a federal review of the law was started by Saratoga County Clerk, Craig Haner, who sent the letter questioning the constitutionality of the law.  He says clerks who follow the new state law would be violating their oath of office.  

Legislators sound off on proposal to locate three Wind Farms on Lake Erie...
There are reports that a company is interested in locating as many as three wind farms on Lake Erie... and, that has three Chautauqua County legislators from the lake shore area concerned.  County Legislators Bob Bankoski, Kevin Muldowney and Kevin O'Connell have voiced their opposition to the location of wind turbines late this week in the north county.  Bankowski says they would have to drill about 120-feet into the ground -- underwater -- to support the huge turbines.  County Executive George Borrello is also against having any wind farms being located on the lake and is looking to take action.  Borrello says his office has been working with the legislature office to draft a motion opposing the effort. 

Ribbon cut on new Edgewood Commons on Lutheran Campus... 
Lutheran has cut the ribbon in it's newest residential option for Seniors ages 55 and up in the Jamestown-area.  Spokesman Edwin Rodriguez says they are holding the grand opening of the Edgewood Commons... which is now part of the Edgewood Communities... on the Lutheran campus in Jamestown.  The Edgewood Commons is a multi-use building for the residents in their independent senior housing apartments.  The amenities inside help address the physical, mental, social, spiritual, and vocational needs of our residents to ensure they enjoy a life well lived, every day.  Rodriguez invites the community in general for today's open house until 2 p.m.


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