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Jamestown police report shot fired after suspect flees early Wednesday morning...
One shot was reportedly fired... but, no one was hurt when Jamestown police looked for a man who ran from them early yesterday morning.  The Post-Journal reports that officers were checking on the individual in the area of West Fifth and Washington Streets shortly after 1 a.m. when the unidentified man ran off.  As police pursued... they heard a gunshot... but, didn't know where it came from.  The man was not located... and no other information has been released.

State Flavor Vaping Ban is first in the nation to take effect...
A state health panel has approved an emergency ban on sales of flavored e-cigarettes in New York.  The vote lateTuesday by the state Public Health and Health Planning Council means the ban goes into effect immediately.  The ban does not cover tobacco- or menthol-flavored e-cigarettes.  Retailers will have two weeks to remove merchandise from shelves.  Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed the emergency ban Sunday, citing surging use among young people.  New York becomes the first state to enact the ban. Michigan approved a ban... and it's Department of Health and Human Services late Wednesday released details of the plan.  Nationwide, health officials are investigating hundreds of cases of serious breathing illnesses in people who use e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.  They have identified 380 confirmed and probable cases in 36 states and one territory, including six deaths.

County Legislature to consider motion support partial state ban on Vaping...
The Chautauqua County Legislature will consider a motion next week that would support a permanent ban the sale and dstribution of flavored "e-liquids" for use in e-cigarettes.  That from Legislature Chairman "P-J" Wendel... who emphasizes that the bills being considered by the state legislature is not meant to shut-down so-called "Vape Shops" where people can buy e-cigarettes and related devices.  Wendel says vaping among children is a growing problem that he sees, and hears a lot.  In fact, he says it's a problem that's "plaguing our high schools."  He adds that being married to a respiratory therapist has helped him become more aware of the health problems vapors end up having.  The more than 700 vape shop owners across New York state are condemning the state law... saying the state wants to shut them down.  However... Wendel says that's not the case... he says it's a matter of keeping vaping out of the hands of children.  He says you know who they're targeting when your hear about flavors such as "Bubble Gum" and "Cotton Candy." 

Durniok says it's an "honor and privledge to be permanent UPMC Chautauqua President...
New UPMC Chautauqua Hospital President Brian Durniok says it's an "honor and a privledge" to have the title permanently... and, he's looking forward to the future there.  The UPMC Board recently approved Durniok's appointment to officially replace Betsy Wright... who retired at the end of last year.  Durniok had been Interim President since the beginning of the year... and, says that's helped him get to know the organization, and the people there, and begin working on what's being done well... and, what services they may be able to offer in the future.  One of those future matters is UPMC Chautauqua opening up a new Medical Oncology Unit for cancer patients on Oct. 2 for fusion and chemotherapy treatments.  Durniok also remains president of UPMC Northwest in Venango County, Pennsylvania... and, says there's been some administrative restructuring -- mainly at the Vice-President level -- at both hospitals to allow him to be at one -- or the other -- on any given day. 

Unexploded military shell found and removed in Watertown...
Police say an unexploded military shell found in a northern New York city led to a block of homes being evacuated.  WWNY-TV reports the block in Watertown was taped off for several hours Tuesday night.  An explosive ordnance disposal unit was called in from nearby Fort Drum to remove the shell.  People were allowed back into their homes around 9:45 p.m.  City council member Lisa Ruggiero posted on Facebook that a man discovered the shell while digging up his driveway.


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