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An infestation of Norwegian rats has prompted the Chautauqua County Board of Health to declare the former Farmers Mill property in the village of Sherman a "public health nuisance."  

Mark Stow with the county's Department of Health and Human Services says the business closed in late May, and because many food sources were left behind, the mill made an ideal home for the rodents.

Stow says the owners of the property have been put on notice by the health board.  He says if the owners don't do anything to take action, the county's Board of Health will step in.  If that happens, Stow says the county will then try to recoup the costs from owners.


A Westfield man is accused of sexually abusing a juvenile victim this past Spring in the town of Westfield...  

Sheriff's officers are releasing few details but, say 33 year-old Derek Smith was arrested at a location on Route 20 following an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division.  Deputies say they found that Smith engaged in sexual acts with the youth back on June 6th.  He was arraigned in Westfield Town Court yesterday on a charge of second-degree of sexual abuse, and sent to the county jail pending further court action.

A fight involving a metal baseball bat led to the arrest of two women on assault and harassment charges on Jamestown's northside late last weekend....  

City police were called to the scene at 246 Fulton Street about 10 AM Sunday and spoke with the male victim, who said his roommate, 26 year-old Grace Rentas, punched him in the face.  He also told officers that another roommate, 30 year-old Keishla Rosario, then stuck him several times with the baseball bat.  Officers say the man was not seriously hurt and, got away to call police.  Rosario is charged with Felony second-degree assault, while Rentas is charged with second-degree harassment.

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore is again asking Jamestown officials to create some free parking spots near the Department of Motor Vehicles Office on West Third Street....  

Barmore spoke during Monday night's City Council voting session, noting that he realized lawmakers could not designate the spots for "DMV" parking only.  He then asked for some free spots for one-hour.

Barmore says having one hour parking would be a big help to avoiding traffic congestion in their small, off-street parking area.  Mayor Sam Teresi says the Public Works Departments Traffic Division will look into the matter and, get back to his office with a final decision.  Barmore says the cramped parking area at the Jamestown DMV Office has led to a number of minor traffic accidents, especially when larger vehicles -- like sports utility vehicles and trucks -- try to park in that lot.

The decision to close by the owners of a restaurant in Jamestown's Brooklyn Square is disappointing news to the city's Mayor....  

Sam Teresi says he's saddened by the closing of Jimmy's Family Restaurant at North Main and Harrison Streets after being open about three months.  The eatery opened to much fanfare this past Summer.  Teresi says it appears that some costs that were not foreseen were an issue.  He says they'll re-start efforts to fill the location.

City Development Director Vince DeJoy was the principal owner of the operation.  DeJoy has operated restaurants previously... and, decided to reopen the former Friendly's location after that closed without prior notice back in April.  DeJoy said he was laying out $155,000 to open the new location and, had received a $55,000 loan from the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency to help the effort.  City officials stressed that no city funding was used in opening the new restaurant.

A city man is being held for allegedly driving while impaired with drugs in his possession last Friday in the Town of Busti.....  

State Police in Jamestown say 47 year-old Ryan Robertson was pulled over on Hunt Road for a traffic violation and after failing several sobriety tests, was arrested.  While being searched... Troopers say he was allegedly found with two bags of methamphetamine, a pipe containing meth residue, four Percocet pills and three marijuana cigarettes.  Police took Robertson into custody, and a Drug Recognition Expert determined he was under the influence of a central nervous stimulant.  He was also found to have had his driving privileges revoked multiple times for alcohol-related offenses.  A blood test was done on Robertson at UPMC Chautauqua Hospital, and he was then taken to the county jail.

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