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Forecasters are calling for wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour tonight through Friday night.... 

With that, Chautauqua County residents are being warned to use caution and be prepared.  County Executive George Borrello says the county is making preparations in advance of a storm that is expected to arrive this evening.  Borrello says this storm will not only produce the risk of flooding along the immediate Lake Erie shoreline, but also a greater risk of downed trees and power lines across the area.  Borrello says people should be prepared to be without power once the storm arrives and precautions should be taken if that happens. 

Members of Congress are slated to vote tomorrow on whether to begin formal Impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives....  

Local Congressman Tom Reed reiterated this morning that he will vote against the proceedings because he doesn't believe anything President Trump has done rises to the level of "an Impeachable Offense."  However, the Corning Republican isn't absolving the president of any wrong doing.  From what he's seen, there may be a Federal Elections Commission violation.

Reed adds that Democrats should be cautious in continuing down the Impeachment path, because of what happened with the Impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.  He says, while the president committed perjury regarding having sex with an intern, he doesn't feel it was an "Impeachable offense."  Reed says today's vote will put House members on the record as to whether they support impeachment or not.  House impeachment investigators heard Wednesday from two Ukraine experts who work at the State Department.  They are appearing the day after a National Security Council Army colonel told lawmakers that he expressed concern twice about the Trump administration's effort to persuade Ukraine to investigate Democrats. 

The current Continuing Resolution keeping the federal government operating is set to expire in early November but, work is continuing to get another in place before the deadline....  

Local Congressman Tom Reed, who is a minority member of the House Ways and Means Committee, says leaderships is working hard, and he says he's "confident" that a new CR will be approved soon.  President Trump has voiced frustration with having to keep government going with Continuing Resolutions.  However, Reed says -- like Congress -- the White House also wants to avoid another government shut-down.  The Corning Republican made his comments during his weekly conference call with regional media.

Allen 'Skip' Yahn, a man who's been influencial in the success of Holiday Valley, and two local breweries, was honored Wednesday evening by the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation....  

Yahn joined the board at Holiday Valley in 1968, serving for a time as general manager beginning in 1974.  In addition, he was chairman of the board for the corporation that runs Holiday Valley for nearly 25 years.  During that time, a son-in-law brought him a plan to start a brewery, and Yahn got in on the ground floor with both Ellicottville and Southern Tier Brewing.  As to the keys to his success, Yahn said, "You invest in good people, and give them a chance to run, developing the business with them."  Last night's event was held at the Robert H. Jackson Center.  Skip Yahn said he was pleased and flattered by the recognition. It concluded with the a Greg Peterson interview of Skip Yahn in the Cappa Theater there.   

A city man wanted on Felony warrants was arrested following a short foot chase on Jamestown's southside last Monday afternoon.... 

City police say they were trying to speak with 20 year-old Ricky Myers near 215 South Main Street about 1:30 PM but, when it was confirmed Myers had felony warrants through city court, he allegedly ran off on foot.  Police say the chase ended a short distance away, and Myers was taken into custody on the warrants for charges including second-degree menacing, second-degree assault and obstruction. 

New York's senior U-S Senator is calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to "get a move on..." and release a report on the safety impacts of new technology on school buses....  

Specially, Democrat Chuck Schumer says the report should provide insight on how stop sign cameras will help discourage motorists from passing stopped school buses.  Schumer says the NHTSA's report should have been released about this time a year ago.

Schumer says some 50,000 drivers in the upstate region illegally pass stopped school buses on a daily basis, putting student riders in serious peril.  He says his office has received no good reason for the delay but, he believes it's due to cutbacks by the administration.  He says New York is one of 21 states that allows cameras to be used voluntarily.  Schumer says 2.3-million upstate students travel by bus daily and, the report may help provide the background for the federal government to provide some help to districts who want to put stop sign cameras in place.

A former college football player suffering from early dementia is among those urging New York state legislators to ban tackle football for children 12 years of age and younger...  

T.J. Abraham, a 42-year-old doctor, testified Tuesday at a state Assembly committee hearing in Manhattan.  He talked about the brain damage that he says has destroyed his medical practice and everyday life.  The New York State Assembly's health committee also heard doctors and other experts talk about a possible ban that lawmakers have yet to formalize.  The proposal follows a Boston University study reporting that children who play tackle football may develop cognitive, behavioral and mood problems.  Scott Hallenbeck, the executive director of USA Football, argued that his national governing body has made the sport safer than ever with protective measures for young athletes.

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