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WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 27, 2019

Three city residents recently arrested for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine in Jamestown have now been indicted on federal charges...  

U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Junior has announced a federal grand jury returned the indictment today against 35 year-old Richard Kinsey, Junior, 23 year-old Brandi Whitford  and, 39 year-old Terrence McRae.  Kennedy says all three face charges of narcotics conspiracy.  In addition, he says  Kinsey and Whitford are also charged with using and maintaining a drug-involved premises and possession of firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking.  Kennedy says McRae is charged with possession with intent to distribute meth and, possession of a firearm to further drug trafficking.  All three have been arraigned, and are being held pending further court action. 

It's been a busy past 24-hours for new State Senator George Borrello....  

The former Chautauqua County Executive was finally seated following the November 5th election late Monday.  That means, for the first time since last March, the 57th State Senate District has a representative in Albany.  Borrello replaces the retired Cathy Young.  Borrello calls it an "incredible honor..." adding that this mean's "I can begin my Senate responsibilities even as I continue to assist with the transition efforts in the County Executive’s office."  He adds that Young's office staff, which has remained in place, has been a big help.

Borrello says it's been a busy past 24-hours with going to Albany, and signing his oath, then being seated.  He says he's already signed onto a number of bills.  He's also drafting his first piece of legislation, the "First Employee's Tax Credit," which is designed to help sole proprietors hire their first employee.  Borrello says celebratory swearing-in ceremonies in the district and Albany will be scheduled and announced near the end of the year.  

With being seated in the Senate, Borrello has now officially resigned as Chautauqua County Executive, and turned the reigns over to County Attorney Stephen Abdella as Acting County Executive.  He's back in Mayville now to help with the transition.  The county legislature now has 45-days to receive a recommendation on a replacement for Borrello to serve at Interim Executive until next Fall's election.  That recommendation will be made by the county's Republican Committee.

A major decline in demand in big-rig truck market has led Cummins Engine Company to decide to cut some 2,000 workers by the end of the first-quarter of 2020...  

In the on-line publication "Business Insider," Cummins Spokesman Jon Mills confirmed a significant decline in orders that began in October.  However, Mills say the drop in orders for the Columbus, Indiana-based company started sooner -- and hit harder than expected.  Cummins is the largest maker of Class-8 truck engines with a huge plant just outside of Lakewood that employs upwards of 1,700 people.  Mills also confirmed that Cummins told shareholders last week of a plan to increase profitability amid the trucking downturn, and, that employees have now been notified.  But, it's not yet known where the cuts will be made.  We have a call into Mills for direct comment.

While he had urged city lawmakers to delay action on resuming the annexation process in Falconer, incoming Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist doesn't feel slightly by Monday night's vote to do so...  

Sundquist was among those who spoke prior to the vote and, asked for a delay until after he takes office.  However, the Democrat says he understands this only re-starts the process with no final commitment.

Sundquist says he takes "no offense" with the council's decision, which came near the end of a two-hour long voting session.  During the public comment portion of the meeting, incoming Falconer Mayor Jim Jaroszynski urged lawmakers to hold off on a vote until he and Sundquist take office and can talk and hopefully work something out.  Jaroszynski replaces the retiring Jim Rensel, who decided not to seek another term in office.  Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi welcomed the elected representatives from Falconer and Ellicott to council chambers. 

A Democratic Congresswoman from Michigan has now reversed course after announcing that she backed censuring President Donald Trump instead of impeaching him....  

Representative Brenda Lawrence was a guest on a Michigan talk show and, said at that time that she didn't see an impeachable offense.  The initial stance was not a big surprise to local Congressman Tom Reed, who says he's been hearing more and more Democrats saying they don't support the move.

At the same time, Lawrence felt Mr. Trump should be censured for his inappropriate actions in asking Ukraine for help in investigating a political rival.  However, there is some question over whether the Congress can censure a president.  This afternoon, Lawrence issued a statement reversing her initial statement, and says she now supports impeachment.  In the meantime, the House Judiciary Committee is to take over the impeachment probe next week and has scheduled a December 4th hearing on the matter.