Local News Headlines

WJTN News Headlines for Feb. 12, 2020

Local Congressman Tom Reed says it was the state's decision as part of it's new "Green Light" bill which led the U-S Department of Homeland Security to block residents from being part in it's "trusted traveler" programs. 

 Reed has been accused of pushing DHS to block the access... but, the Corning Republican says New York is the only one of 15 states that prohibits the sharing of ID information with Customs and Border Security.  Reed and fellow GOP Congressman Lee Zeldin did write to Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli about the matter. 

Reed say most of the other 14 states that have "Green Light" laws only restrict the sharing of information with ICE Agents, and domestic law enforcement.  The ban has caused headaches for Western New Yorkers who use the "NEXUS" program, and others, to travel and do business in Canada.  Reed says the state could solve it's own problem by repealing the part of the law that blocks information from immigration and border officials.  He was on conference call with 25 local and regional officials -- including Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist -- about the matter last Saturday.

A more than 100 year-old Jamestown company has purchased a Falconer-based roll forming manufacturer.  

In a recent press release, Dahlstrom Roll Form said it's agreed to purchase DC Rollform, along with DC's 13,0,000 square foot building.  Dahlstrom Owner Robert White says the consolidation, and move to the new building is scheduled to be complete by the third-quarter of this year.  White says they are putting inventory buffers in place, and with careful planning, they expect no disruption to any of their customer-supply programs.  He adds that seven DC Rollform employees will move over to the Dahlstrom operation. 

The Jamestown City Council is holding off on having another Parking Ticket Amnesty Program, opting instead to go with stronger enforcement actions against violators. 

 That was the determination after much discussion in the council's Finance Committee Monday night.  Committee Chairwoman Kim Ecklund says they've decided to continue going after the biggest offenders.

The city has increased it's "booting and towing" efforts to ensure that people are paying their tickets when they should be.  Mayor Eddie Sundquist recently called attention to some $587,000  in tickets and fines that have piled up among motorists.  Sundquist pitched the idea of a possible Amnesty Program,  which was last done about four years ago.  Monday night, lawmakers discussed ways to deal with the ticket fees and fines that have piled up since the last program, which they felt was successful.  An Amnesty program would allow people to pay up their past tickets, but, not have to pay penalties, for a short period of time.

The Jamestown School Board has selected a consultant for it's search for a new superintendent to replace the retiring Bret Apthorpe on July 1st.  Board members agreed yesterday morning to hire New York State Leadership Group as their search consultant.  

The Leadership Group is a non-profit educational organization that's part of the SUNY Buffalo State College Foundation.  Under the leadership of Executive Director Robert Christmann, the group has completed over 50 school district leader searches.  Their process assures board members of receiving many high-quality candidates.

An officer with the Fredonia Village Police Department has been given a meritorious service award for saving the life of young man who suffered a severe cut to his bicep when he went through a plate glass window.  

City Police Chief Phil Maslak says Officer Zack Hand responded to the incident last December 14th.  Maslak says Hand... who was recently promoted to a full-time officer. was credited by first responders with saving the man's life.

Maslak presented the award to Officer Hand at Monday night's Fredonia Village Board meeting.   Maslak says Hand has made quite an impression on the department considering he is a young officer.  Hand was on a foot patrol when he came across the incident.

The Jamestown Tarp Skunks are partnering with the Jock Shop this week to celebrate the upcoming baseball season, but also support those who use the area's largest soup kitchen.  

That from the team's General Manager Frank Fanning, who says 10-percent of sales of their "Skunk Junk" from the Jock Shop will benefit the Saint Susan's Center.  Fanning says the entire point of the team's re-branding was to find different ways to help the local communities in the city. He says you can purchase "Skunk Junk" -- including hats, shirts and hoodies -- at the Jamestown Cycle Shop or online through their team shop at TarpSkunks.com.