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Chautauqua County reports 13 COVID-19 case, five now released from quarantine...
There is a new case of the COVID-19 Virus in Chautauqua County... giving the county 13 positive cases since the outbreak began less than a month ago.  County Executive P-J Wendel says he's also joining with several local and state lawmakers to oppose Governor Cuomo's directive to take ventilators from Upstate New York for use in the heavily-impacted downstate region.  Wendel made his comments during Friday afternoon's press update on the local response to the Coronavirus outbreak.  As for the number of local ventilators, Public Health Director Christine Schuyler says county hospitals have 46 on hand... and, they vary from child uses... to adults.  State Senator George Borrello has already gone on record opposing the move.  Joining him late Friday were State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, Congressman Tom Reed... and, several other upstate Republicans.  While there are now 13 positive cases of the Coronavirus... five have now recovered.

Cuomo announces more than 600 have died state-wide Saturday, the most since pandemic began...
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says about 630 people from the state have died over the past 24 hours... bringing the total number to more than 3,500 since the COVID-19 outbreak began.  During today's press briefing... Cuomo also announced the state had been able to get a donation of 1,000 badly needed ventilators for the state, along with another 140 from the state of Oregon.  Cuomo suprised many Friday by announcing that he was signing an executive order that allows the state to take unused ventilators and other badly-needed Personal Protection Equipment from elsewhere in the state to re-deploy in the hard-hit New York City Metro-area.  He also made a promise to hospitals that have them taken away, that they would either get their ventilators back, or be reimbursed for them.  Cuomo says the state's numbers remain on the increase... and the expected apex -- or peak --  is not expected to be reached for another seven to 14 days.

Two people from Jamestown arrested on drug charges following traffic stop Thursday...
Two city residents have been arrested following a traffic stop for allegedly being found in possession of a significant amount of drugs... and a weapon.  Jamestown Police Captain Bob Samuelson says members of the JPD Metro Drug Task Force, and State Police K-9 unit, made the stop on Water Street -- near Foote Avenue -- about Noon Thursday.  Samuelson says they arrested 31 year-old Richard Catanese, Jr., and, 33 year-old Christine Park.  They also seized 14.7-grams of crystal methamphetime... 2.6-grams of Fentanyl... drug paraphernalia... cash... and, an illegal metal knuckle-knife from the vehicle.  Samuelson says Catanese was wanted for absconding while on parole.  He faces Felony drug charges... while Park was also found with a quantity of crystal meth.  Both were jailed pending arraignment.

County officials issue warning after several drug overdoses in the county over past month... 
There has been a major spike in the number of drug overdoses in Chautauqua County over the past month... and health officials are warning there may be a "strong batch of heroin" in the area.  Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says -- between March 29th and 31st alone -- there were two fatal overdoses, and three other non-fatal overdoses reported.  Schulyer says a large cluster has also been reported in the Buffalo-area.  Due to circumstances... she says officials believe this spike is due primarily to street drugs, especially heroin, being laced with fentanyl.  Schuyler adds this is "very scary. On average, 19 overdoses per month were reported in 2019. If you are with someone who experiences an overdose, call 911, and administer naloxone (Narcan) if it is available.”

Goodell says final State Budget in place that grants "exceptional authority" to governor's office...
The New York legislature finished work on the new state budget early Friday morning.  With revenues in flux becuase of COVID-19, Chautauqua County Assemblyman, Republican Andy Goodell, says the plan gives exceptional authority to the office of the governor... and particularly the budget director... to make cuts.  Goodell says they must give notice to the legislature, which will then have the chance to meet, and make any necessary changes.  The balance of income and spending will be monitored monthly.  Goodell adds the state will not be raiding county budgets for medicaid... but up to $50-million in upstate sales tax money will be 'intercepted' to support distressed hospitals.  Foundation aid for public schools is the same as last year, but could be cut by up to 1.8-percent if state coffers run short.  Also, the assemblyman says the state usually budgets $3-billion for unemployment insurance.  This year... he says they've budgeted about $60-billion.  It's anticipated that most of it -- $50-billion worth -- will be funded by the federal government.

UPMC develops COVID Vaccine that's now being tested...
A potential vaccine to combat the Novel Coronavirus created by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is showing 'promising results'.  During a press conference on Thursday... Dr. Louis Falo says they developed a tiny patch called "Microneedle Array... " which is a bandaid like patch.  He says the vaccine is integrated into the needles, which dissolve into the skin when pressed on to it.  He says skin is the first line of defense against disease, and less amounts of the vaccine is needed as opposed to a traditional shot.  Several Medical Doctors and PhD's were part of the research team.  When tested in lab mice... the vaccine produced antibodies specific to COVID-19 at quantities thought to be effective in neutralizing the virus. 


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