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News Update for 2/28/13

Legislature defeats proposal to sell county home for second time...

For the second month in a row... Chautauqua County lawmakers have rejected the sale of the Chautauqua County Home.  15 of the 24 legislators who attended last night's meeting supported the sale to Altitude Health Services of Evanston, Illinois, but that’s two votes short of the 17 needed for the sale to be approved.  In his State of the County message... County Executive Greg Edwards had pledged that he would develop a county budget next year that would have no increase in the property tax or sales tax rate if the legislature voted to sell the County Home.  That pledge apparently was not enough sway any new votes in favor of the sale. 

On a related issue... county legislators rejected a proposed local law that would allow the Legislature to sell real property with a simple majority vote.  The proposal was rejected 14 to 10.  And county lawmakers approved a motion urging the State to repeal the New York SAFE Act overwhemingly 21-3.  Paula DeJoy, Robert Duff and Timothy Hoyer voted against the proposal.

Gov. Cuomo and legislature looking at amendments to NY SAFE Act...

New York will change its newly-toughened gun law so military-style rifles and high-capacity semi-automatic handguns can be used on the sets of TV shows and movies.  Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders said Wednesday they'll exempt the productions in New York from bans they rushed into law as the first in the nation after the Newtown school massacre.  They must also quickly fix another error that could soon put police officers carrying high-capacity magazines in violation of the law.  The need for a ``clean-up'' bill means the fight over the law may not be over after all.  An estimated $10,000 opponents of the new restrictions will descend on Albany Thursday as legislators consider additional amendments.  More on these stories later.