WJTN News Headlines for Aug. 17, 2020

Due to a water main leak last night... the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services is asking all customers of the Village of Mayville water supply to boil all water for drinking and cooking. Officials say service has been restored to the area, but as a precaution, all Mayville residents must bring water to a rolling boil before use or use bottled water. The Village will be flushing water mains and collecting water samples over the next two days.  It is anticipated the order will be lifted sometime this week. For more information, call 716-753-2125.

A Jamestown teenager has been found after she was reported missing back in mid-February. City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says 14 year-old Gianna Coleman was safely returned home last week. She had been considered missing since February 13th. 

There was a series of small, dignified ceremonies Saturday morning at Jamestown Community College. After the spring commencement had to be cancelled because of virus concerns, college President, Dr. Daniel De Marte, and more than a dozen members of the faculty and staff gathered to present degrees to graduates... one at a time... as they drove up to the front door.  DeMarte said it was a way to 'plug the gap' and acknowledge each student.  Among the students who picked up their degrees Saturday was Bethany Hancock of Dewittville, a 'fine arts music' graduate.  She called it 'exciting' to be recognized even though it wasn't the usual commencement.  Jamestown's Ryan Freeman got his psychology degree at the drive-up.  He was happy the college was taking precautions against the coronavirus, but he, too would really love to have a regular ceremony.  A more traditional commencement is tentatively planned for December.  A number of the approximately 400 spring 2020 graduates at JCC chose to get their degrees by mail.

There is ample land and infrastructure in Chautauqua County for a large, or smaller Amazon distribution centers... if the company decides to locate here.  That from State Senator George Borrello... who is among the lawmakers making a push for developers to look primarily at two locations here after they nixed plans for a mega center on Grand Island.  Borrello believes the county has ideal locations.

Borrello says he had heard that Amazon may be willing to now split the project up to "two or three" smaller centers in different locations.  Interim County Executive P-J Wendel also says the Industrial Development Agency has been talking with project developers about a site in the town of Ripley... as well as the Mason Industrial Park in the town of Ellicott -- near Jamestown.

One business in downtown Jamestown has received a permit to operate a food truck near it's East Second Street location.  Studio D Catering set up for the first-time Saturday afternoon after receiving a permit under the city's new, Food Truck Pilot Program being offered.  Mayor Eddie Sundquist says there are a couple other businesses also looking into the program, as well.  Sundquist says they applaud any businesses that's willing to retool it's efforts to make a go of it, and serve the city.  Studio D... owned and operated by Diana Scott... set up shop Saturday at East Second and Pine Streets for the weekend.  That's just across the street from her "brick-and-mortar" business at 106 East Second.  They will also be open from 11 AM to 2 PM Mondays through Fridays.  Sundquist made his comments for this past weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the six Media One Radio Group stations.

Bowling alleys across the state are getting the green light to open again today... and, the state is expected to release guidance today for gymnasiums and fitness center.  Bowling alleys had been left in limbo the past several weeks... while centers were allowed to open on a limited basis elsewhere.  Cuomo says that will be the case in New York state for now where they can open at 50-percent capacity, and patrons must wear a face covering.  Early last weekend... Cuomo told reporters that low-risk, indoor cultural activities including museums, and aquariums can open in New York City, starting August 24th.  Cuomo has not set a date for gyms to reopen. The governor said this administration will release long-awaited reopening guidance Monday for indoor gyms.  But Cuomo has not set a date for gyms to reopen. 

The Jamestown Public School district has released specifics on the learning models it will use to begin the 2020-2021 school year.  Superintendent Kevin Whitaker late last week released the local guidelines... which were determined after they received survey feedback from over 2,500 parents, students and staff.  Whitaker also reminds parents and students of the three "question and answer" sessions being held this week... starting tomorrow (Tuesday) August 18th.

Whitaker says they will begin the school year with a hybrid learning model for grades Universal Pre-K-through 9th... with Pre-K through fourth grade levels receiving more face-to-face instruction through a four day per week AM-PM model.  Whitaker says grades 5-through-9 will meet on alternate days, and a remote learning model will be used for grades 10-through-12.  The district will also offer parents the opportunity to request full-time distance learning as an alternative to hybrid learning for students in grades UPK-9.  Whether attending in person or remotely, all students will begin the first day of school on September 8th.  The virtual Q and A sessions can be accessed via Facebook Live and Zoom.