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Lakewood home destroyed in weekend fire...

Two separate fires early Sunday morning have wound up destroying a home on the village of Lakewood's eastside.  Fire crews were initially called to the scene at 215 Elmcrest Ave. shortly after 1 a.m.  Fire Chief Kurt Hallberg says that fire was confined to a bedroom of the two-story house... and, firefighters were at the scene a short time.  However... Hallberg says they were called back for a blaze in another part of the house shortly before 4:30 a.m.  He says the original fire was on the southside of the house... but, when they were called back... it was a much larger blaze that was on the northside of the home.  He says it extended up into the second floor.  Hallberg says... as with the first fire... they called in mutual aid from Celoron and Busti.  However... he says they were unable to get the second-blaze fully under control because they couldn't reach the second-floor.  Hallberg says they were held back by the "heavy fire load," and condition of the home.  He says the cause has not been determineed... and, remains under investigation.  Hallberg says the owner of the home was out when they arrived for the first call... and, no one was hurt.  The owner is being helped out by family members.  Firefighters were at the scene through late Sunday morning. 

Unidentified man killed when hit by train in Dunkirk...

At last word... Dunkirk police were still not identifying a man killed early last Saturday morning when he was struck by a train on the CSX tracks near Woodrow Avenue.  Officers in the north county city say the man was initially reported as being struck on the tracks near Pike Street about 3:20 a.m.  Investigators said later Saturday that they were still trying to identify the man... and, notify relatives.  They're also looking into why he was walking along the tracks at that early hour.  Dunkirk police were assisted by City Fire crews... CSX investigators and the Chautauqua County Coronors Office.

Cuomo says New Yorkers will be impacted by federal Sequestration cuts... especially seniors and students...

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the federal budget fight forcing temporary across-the-board spending cuts will affect New Yorkers including students and seniors.  He says the cuts won't have as big an impact on state government.  The dispute between Democratic President Barack Obama and the Republican-led House over spending cuts and tax increases led to automatic cuts that started last Friday.  Cuomo says brinksmanship isn't the way to do business and makes people anxious.  Financially... he says the cuts will have ``some effect'' on New York's government, but more on people who lose needed federal assistance. 

Runkle says he'll put forth a resolution to sell County Airport near Jamestown, in addition to Dunkirk Airport...

A member of the Chautauqua County Legislature feels that if the county is going to look at selling the county airport in Dunkirk... then it should also look at selling the Jamestown Airport.  Stockton Republican John Runkle says he wants to introduce legislation that would allow the process to begin to sell the County Airport near Jamestown, also.  Runkle says he's asking the county attorney to prepare legislation to begin drawing up a resolution that could be presented at the next regular legislature meeting.  Runkle... who chairs the Legislature's Audit and Control Committee... supports the sale of both airports since they are both losing money.  He says county residents were -- according to the most recent information -- losing a combined $860,000 a year.  Runkle says he's also been told their only accomodating 8 to 10 commercial passengers a day -- on average.  Runkle says he agrees with County Executive Greg Edwards' decision to market the Dunkirk Airport, but he feels the airport near Jamestown should also be on the market.  He hopes the full legislature will be able to consider the proposal during either the March or April meeting.

New Jamestown City Councilwoman sworn-in, will be at first meeting Monday night...

The new representative of Jamestown's Fourth Ward will be at her first council meeting tonight.  Democrat Marie Carubba was officially sworn-in at City Hall late last Friday afternoon... and, soon after said she's looking forward to serving her constituents.  Carubba replaces third-term lawmaker Vince DeJoy... who stepped down just recently to become the city's new director of Development.  She's served on several local boards and commissions... but, says she approached Mayor Sam Teresi about replacing DeJoy because she now has the time to do it.  Carubba says her youngest child is now a Senior... and, isn't demanding on her time.  She is a Dunkirk native... whose lived in Jamestown for the past 30 years.  She's lived in Bergman Ward-Four the past 18 years.  She's been selected to serve on the council's Finance Committee... and, Carubba says she's very comfortable in that position.  She says she's been on the finance committee's at both The Resource Center, and Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc.  Carubba is also director of the Southwestern Independent Living Center.

Group of 1,200 New York residents force court review of NY SAFE Act...

A group of 1,200 New Yorkers has forced a court review of whether New York's new gun controls were rushed into law in violation of the state constitution.  Robert Schulz of Warren County calls Governor Andrew Cuomo a ``king'' for pushing through the nation's toughest gun law by suspending the three-day review usually required before votes on bills.  Cuomo and legislative leaders agreed on the bill in closed-door negotiations and put the politically dicey measure to a vote at night in mid-January. 

Deadline for guessing on when Chautauqua Lake Ice will begin melting extended...

The second Chautauqua Lake Ice Pick contest is underway... and, has already raised more money that it did in it's first year of 2011.  The contest was not held last year due to the warmer Winter... and lack of lake ice.  The Ice Pick was the brain-child of Bemus Point's Peter Sullivan... who was in Alaska with his wife a few years ago... and, learned about the contest in one of the local towns... to see who could most closely predict when the ice would break as Spring approached.  Sullivan says -- given last year's early warm weather -- organizers first decided on an earlier deadline for people to turn in their guesses.  Due to warm Winters of recent years... they pushed the deadline back to Mar. 1.  However... with the way this Winter has turned-out... they're extending it back to Mar. 10.  The "Ice Pick" is actually a tripod with a clock on it that records the time, and day, that the tripod finally breaks through the ice.  Sullivan says Lakewood's Greg Peterson was closest to the mark in 2011... but, there was no monitary prize winner that year.  However... they did raise $8,500 dollars for the Chautauqua Lake Association.  It costs $5 to make your guess... and, six winners will receive cash prizes.  You should go on-line to clakeicepick.org.  You can also stop by the CLA in Lakewood.



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