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Three people now under arrest in connection with assault and robbery on Jamestown's southside...

A third person has been arrested for her alleged involvement in an assault and robbery that occured late Sunday night at the Charlestown Apartments.  City police say they found 31 year-old Stacy Simmers of Warren, PA at an East Second Street location about 1 a.m. Tuesday.  Officers say their investigation showed that Simmers... and, a pair of 18 year-old city teens... stabbed and robbed an unidentified man at 30 Charles St.  The teens... Malek Morley, and, Kyle Senear... are both jailed without bail on charges of first-degree robbery... second-degree assault... and, conspiracy.  Simmers is charged with first-degree robbery and conspiracy, and is being held pending arraignment.  Officers say the unidentified victim was stabbed in the knee... and, hit with a bottle.  One of the suspects is also accused of stealing money from the man... and, Simmers and the teens then ran off.

City Council to hold public hearing, vote on abandonment of Lafayette St. between West Third and Second later this month...

The Jamestown City Council will vote later this month on abandoning Lafayette Street between West Third and Second Streets to provide more parking in that part of town.  The abandonment will allow the Jamestown Saving Bank Arena... BWB Group... and, Shawbucks Tavern to take over that one-block section... and make it a one-way street.  The proposal went before the Public Works Committee last night... and, Chairman George Spitale expressed some concern over the abandonment until it was made formal that the street would go one-way south.  Spitale adds there'll be 13 feet between parking spaces on each side of the street, with a total of 23 diagonal parking space.  The three entites say that would be more parking than there is now... but, Spitale also expressed concern over whether parking would be made available for events at the new Gateway Center Train Station on Second Street.  He was also concerned about losing parking meter revenue from that abandonment.  However... Councilwoman Kim Ecklund says turning the property over to private owners is a win for the city.  A public hearing and vote on the abandonment is set for Monday, Mar. 18.

Reed understands GOP will be blamed for Sequestration cuts... but, adds the "sun came up... and, planes didn't fall from the skys..."

Chautauqua County's representative in Congress says he understands that Republican's like himself will be blamed for federal Sequestration cuts taking effect.  However... Corning's Tom Reed feels the American people realize the cuts that took effect did not have the immediate, dramatic impact the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats said they would.  Reed Monday says -- in the end -- Democratic leaders backed off of their rhetoric.  He calls it a "terrible way" to lead... adding that there need to be reforms and spending cuts.  Reed says he is encouraged by comments made by the President and House Speaker John Boehner over the weekend about their willingness to work on getting a "continuing resolution" in place to keep the government funded by Mar. 27.  He says both sides are looking at a bill of about $974-billion.  Some have criticized Congress for being off last Friday and today with Sequestration looming.  But... Reed says the president and Senate Democrats only want to talk about increasing taxes.   He made his comments during his weekly telephone news conference.

Edwards says Sequestration cuts will have some impact on Human Service Programs in Chautauqua County...

Human service programs provided by Chautauqua County will likely be affected by the federal spending cuts -- especially in the Office for the Aging.  That Monday from County Executive Greg Edwards... who says the local office provides a number of services that help keep seniors independent... and, out of nursing homes.  Edwards says if the funding goes away, more seniors end up in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities.  One of the most visable programs that would see a cut is Meals on Wheels.  The largest is in the Jamestown-area... which receives $18,000 to help keep it's program going.  However... Edwards says the program benefits thousands of Chautauqua County seniors.  He adds there's also home care... which is less expensive than having someone put into a nursing home.  Edwards says he's going to keep an eye on what kind of impacts Sequestration will have on the county... along with county Director of Human Services, Christine Schuyler.

NYS Senate pushing for changes in NY SAFE Act...

Senate Republicans are trying to scale back parts of the landmark gun control regulations rushed into law after the Newtown school massacre.  Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos says his conference is looking to change the law's limit of seven bullets in magazines that commonly hold 10.  Skelos says one change might be to lift the limit inside a gun owner's home.  He says Republicans are also looking at other provisions sought by legal gun owners concerned about protecting their homes and families.  Skelos' comments Monday come a week after some Republicans told The Associated Press they want to change the law, which drew two of the largest protest rallies Albany has seen in recent years.  The Senate has an opportunity to force some revisions because the bill requires several fixes.

Keefe hopeful that Fredonia voters will agree to move village's election to the November General Election...

The Fredonia Village elections are a week from yesterday (Monday)... and, Mayor Steve Keefe hopes that is the last time the village holds its elections in March.  Keefe says there may be some opposition to the ballot proposition that would move the village vote to November.  He says he understands that some people may not want to change the date... but, he wants people to get out an vote because it "just makes sense" to change the date.  Keefe says some voters may like tradition since the village has the elections on the second Monday of March since 1917.  But, he says times have changed and he believes it makes more sense.  Keefe says they usually get a low-voter turn-out, and it costs more money to hold two separate elections a year.  He adds it also brings in new trustees right in the middle of the village's budget cycle.  Fredonia is not the only village in the county seeking a change.  Here in the Jamestown-area... Falconer is also putting the question to voters.  Right now... the only village in the county to hold their elections in November is Celoron.

City man arrested for DWI after jeep almost collides with part of Southside Plaza...

A Jamestown man is accused of driving drunk when he nearly drove his jeep into a store front in the Southside Plaza late Monday morning.  City police were called to U.S. News at 712 Foote Ave. just after 11 a.m., where the caller says the vehicle went over the rubber parking blocks between the parking lot... and, building.  However... he stopped just short of the building.  Officers say 40 year-old Scott Sherlock was driving in the parking lot when the incident occured.  No one was hurt... but, Sherlock was arrested on a number of charges... including driving while intoxicated... and, resisting arrest.  He also refused to take a breathalyzer test.  Sherlock was held pending arraignment.


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