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City police say victim in Sunday assault and robbery victim of a "drug transaction set-up;"  Four suspects now under arrest...

The four people arrested for last Sunday night's assault and robbery in Jamestown are accused setting up the victim with the promise of a drug deal.  That from City Police Captain Bob Samuelson... who says police wrapped up their case by arresting 28 year-old William Sloppy Tuesday afternoon for his alleged role in the incident at 30 Charles Street.  Samuelson says the man who was attacked was at the scene at the Charlestown Apartment to allegedly buy drugs.  He says the man was stabbed and assaulted... then robbed.  The first two suspects... 18 year-old Kyle Senear and Malek Morley... were arrested shortly after the incident.  Then Sloppy and 31 year-old Stacy Simmers of Warren, PA were arrested on warrants.  Simmers was arrested early Tuesday morning in the city on robbery and conspiracy charges.  Sloppy is charged with conspiracy.  Samuelson says Simmers... along with Senear and Morley... allegedly took money from the man after he was stabbed in the knee... and, struck with a bottle.  He says they have now arrested all the suspects in the case, but, are still looking into the drug angle.  Senear and Morley are charged with first-degree robbery... assault... and, conspiracy.  Samuelson says the male victim was treated for his injuries at WCA Hospital... and, later released.

2013-2014 Jamestown School budget now uses about $2.6-million in reserves, and delayed payment, to help plug $4.6-million shortfall...

Jamestown School officials have plugged more than half of a projected $4.6-million shortfall in the proposed 2013-2014 budget.  However... there probably won't be any futher action taken until after the state legislature approves a new spending plan.  That recommendation came from Superintendent Deke Kathman after Tuesday night's presentation of a first-draft of the $77.7-million budget.  Kathman laid out the proposal... which includes the use of three strategies to fill the budget hole.  He says the first part is using an addition half-million dollars in undesignated fund balance.  The second is use a "debt service reserve fund" that's been set up specifically for these issues.  He's recommending tapping into that $1.55-million "completely."  Kathman says the third proposal is postponing $586,000 in borrowing for capital projects... and, new buses... until after July 1.  Kathman says that will cut the deficit by just over $2.6-million.  He says that leaves about a $1.9-million shortfall.  However... Kathmann is recommending the board wait and see what their final state aid package will be.  He says that's because it's now looking like there will be a boost in state aid beyond what Governor Cuomo had proposed.

Cassadaga Valley School district looking at closing Cassadaga Elementary School due to decline in enrollment, and cost savings...

A Chautauqua County school district is grappling with a difficult decision... whether or not to close an elementary school building.  The Cassadaga Valley Central School Board is now digesting a report compiled by a district committee that has looked into the impact of the closing.  School Superintendent Scott Smith says the district is facing a steep decline in enrollment over the past two decades.  Smith says the numbers in 1992 were about 1,500 students... but, by next year, they estimate that number will be "under 1,000 students."  As the district deals with declining enrollment... Smith says it's also trying to close a spending gap of $1.6-million.  He says the question become whether they can afford keeping the school open.  Smith says closing it would save the Cassadaga district more than $442,000.  Smith says the district's school board is expected to make the final decision at its next meeting on Monday, Mar. 11. 

State Assembly overwhelmingly approves hike in Minimum Wage to $9 an hour...

New York's Assembly has voted to increase the minimum wage to $9 an hour with automatic increases tied to inflation.  Officials say that puts pressure on state Senate Republicans who are seeking business tax cuts in a potential legislative deal.  The Assembly passed the bill 101-to-44 after four hours of debate Tuesday night.  The bill now goes to the Senate.  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senate majority leaders are negotiating behind closed doors.  The minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour.  Among the proposals being floated by legislative leaders is raising the wage to $8.50, then $8.75... then $9 over two or three years.  Cuomo had proposed an $8.75 wage... but, said he's open to negotiation.

Falconer village residents to vote on Mar. 19 on whether to move village elections to November...

Residents of a southern Chautauqua County village will be asked later this month if they want their village elections moved to November.  Voters in Falconer will be asked two-weeks from yesterday to vote on a proposition to change their village vote from the usual March... to a November vote.  Mayor David Krieg says he's been seeing a lot of support for making the move... for two key reasons.  Krieg says one is getting better voter turn-out, and the second is saving on costs.  Krieg says they may also attract more candidates.  As it stands now... three people are running in the Mar. 19 vote... and, each is running unopposed.  As for cost savings... the mayor says their not huge... but, in a day when each dollar counts... $600 to $700 is significant.  Kreig says moving the vote to November will generate much more interest because you would then have all local, state and federal elections for that year on one ballot.  If the Falconer proposition is approved... Krieg says they're first combined November vote would be in 2014.

Young supports GOP-proposed Family Tax Relief Act...

State Senate Republicans have unveiled a package of tax relief and reform measures designed to provide a major economic boost to New York's struggling middle-class families.  Local Senator Cathy Young was among the lawmakers on hand to announce the "Family Tax Relief Act" in Albany Monday.  Young says the plan would increase tax breaks that have not kept pace with inflation... and, restores the STAR Property Tax Rebate check program.  She says families in her 57th District... and, New York in general... are struggling to keep up... and pay the monthly bills.  Young says the savings from the relief package can "buy a lot of diapers and formula..." help pay for the groceries... fill up the gas tank... and, give a cushion so that families can afford to send their children to college.  She adds that restoration of the STAR property Tax rebate check would "provide real and direct tax relief to millions of New Yorkers who pay some of the highest property taxes in the country."

Man killed in train-pedestrian accident in Dunkirk now identified...

Dunkirk police have now identified the man killed early last Saturday morning when he was struck by a westbound train on the CSX tracks on Woodrow Ave.  Investigators in the north county city say 48 year-old Carl Long of Dunkirk had walked onto the tracks about 3:20 a.m., and was walking east when he was struck by the oncoming freight train.  Officers say they found Long's vehicle parked in a driveway in the 300-block of Woodrow Avenue -- near the tracks. 

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