Local News Headlines

WJTN News Headlines for Sept 29, 2020

City lawmakers in Jamestown have approved allowing "body art" shops... or tattoo parlors... to be located in commercial areas of the city.  During last night's voting session... the City Council unanimously approved the proposed changes... brought to light by a request to put a tattoo facility on Fourth Street late last year.

That's Councilman Brent Sheldon... who said the parlors could now be located in C-1, C-2, C-3 and R-C Districts.  Up to now... Sheldon said such facilities could only be located in the city's manufacturing or industrial zones.  The parlor being proposed last year was rejected by the zoning board of appeals, and planning commission.  However... the planning commission asked lawmakers to look at changing the law.   

Twelve appointments were officially named to the newly-reconstituted Jamestown Human Rights Commission by city council members last night... including a chairman.  Mayor Eddie Sundquist nominated the Reverend Ubie Stewart to head up the panel... along with 11 other members.  Councilwoman Vickye James was very pleased to have the commission back up and active again... and, thanked Sundquist for his hard work in interviewing some 80 applicants for the 12 seats.  The list of people named to the commission include several people active in the community... including Billy Torres, Kelly Roberts, and Justin Hubbard.  Hubbard has been involved with the Jamestown Justice Coalition... which held a number of peaceful, Black Lives Matter protests at Dow Park.  During the first on held in late May... Mayor Sundquist promised to bring back the Human Rights Commission.

Two weekend motor vehicle crashes have left three people from Warren County, Pennsylvania dead.  State Police, and Warren County dispatchers confirm the first crash... involving a motorcycle and a road paver... occured about 11 PM Saturday night on Matthews Run Road in Brokenstraw Township.  Troopers say the operator of the motorcycle.. a 39 year-old man...  struck the paver.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  The second accident involving two cars occured shortly after 1 PM Sunday on Hickory Lane and Route 27 in Pittsfield.  A 72 year-old man, and 80-year-old woman died from their injuries... but, no one was hurt in the other vehicle.

Chautauqua County Executive P-J Wendel says there has been an uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases in the county in recent days.  However... the Lakewood Republican says the County Health Department has been keeping on top of the situation... and, they are "attacking the concentration extensively to mitigate the spread."  Wendel says throughout the pandemic the county has seen a low number of hospitalizations.

After two students tested late last week came back positive for COVID-19... a third student has tested positive at the Fenner Elementary School.  The district's website says the positive test came back Sunday... and, the student was last in school on September 23rd.  With this... officials say all third through sixth-graders will be remote learning for the next two weeks... through October 13th. 

Seven more positive cases of the COVID-19 Virus have been reported Monday in Chautauqua County... bringing the local number of confirmed cases to 654.  Interim Executive Wendel says the number of recovered cases now totals 611.  Wendel says there are now 33 active cases, which continue to recover... and, there are 272 cases under quarantine or isolation orders.  There are also 33 persons under the "domestic traveler quarantine..." and there have been 44,053 negative test results to date.

The Chautauqua County Health Department has announced dates for free, drive-thru COVID-19 testing, starting this morning in Mayville.  Testing clinics will be held in the east parking lot off Peacock Street behind the Hall Clothier Building at the county's Mayville campus 9 AM to 1 PM...through Wednesday.  Then, they'll be held each Tuesday through Thursday next month.  Epidemiology Manager Bree Agett says anyone who wants to be tested is required to make an appointment by calling 1-866-604-6789 during business hours.

Local Congressman Tom Reed says... despite the COVID-19 pandemic... he is hosting his annual "Manufacturing Summit" this week.  However... the Corning Republican adds that it will be held on-line.  Reed says his sixth summit will begin today via Zoom Conferencing, and adds he's very pleased to have some high-powered speakers.  He says the summit begins today with ranking Republican Kevin Brady of the House Ways and Means Committee talking about how the tax code can help business.

On Wednesday... Reed says his co-chairman with the Problem Solver's Caucus, Democrat Josh Gottheimer from New Jersey, will be featured.  He says they'll be talking about bi-partsian efforts to improve the business climate in the U-S.  Then on Friday... he says U-S Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin will be speaking.  Reed says Mnuchin will also be able to talk more in detail about recent trade agreements, and their effect on local and regional manufacturers.