Local News Headlines

WJTN News Headlines for Dec 2, 2020

There's been another COVID-19-related fatality reported yesterday in Chautauqua County -- the 20th death in the county from the coronavirus since March.  Public Health Director Christine Schuyler says no other information has been released on the victim... but, adds there are 29 new... increasing the county’s total confirmed case count to 1,704 since a pandemic was declared in mid-March.  There are 171 active cases and 13 hospitalizations.

There has been an outbreak of COVID-19 at the Chautauqua County Jail in Mayville.  Sheriff Jim Quattrone says they are working closely with the Health Department after four inmates with symptoms tested positive Tuesday morning.  Following that... all inmates in the jail were tested, along with corrections staff.  Quattrone says out of 48 inmates tested... there were 26 positive tests... and, one of the seven corrections staff came back positive.  Disease investigation and contact tracing is underway by public health staff.  Due to concern over spread of the virus... Quattrone says facility-wide testing will be conducted today.  Inmates who tested positive have been isolated, and those who tested negative have been quarantined.  More information will be released as soon as it is available.

Members of the Congressional Problem Solver's Caucus, and a bi-partsian group of U-S Senators announced a four-month bipartisan, COVID-19 emergency relief package to help individuals, small businesses, and workers during the pandemic.  That from local Congressman Tom Reed... who co-chairs the Problem Solver's group.  During a Tuesday morning press conference... Reed says the relief package totals $908-billion and, also urged fellow lawmakers to consider, and pass the bill before the end of the year.

Reed says the four-month package gets the nation through the first-quarter of next year with what he calls "common sense" measures.  He says the American people are "suffering" and need results.  The package includes $288-billion for small businesses that have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 guidelines and partial shut-downs in recent months.  Reed says another $180-billion would go to enhanced unemployment insurance... and, another $160-billion will go to help states, local, and tribal governments.

The man who has headed up the Jamestown Police Department the past five months on an acting basis has now been permanently named to the position.  The City Council last night unanimously approved the appointment of Timothy Jackson to replace Harry Snellings... who retired earlier this year.  Council President Tony Dolce was part of the search committee... and, says Jackson stood out during the process, and for his handling of the department.

Prior to the vote... Mayor Eddie Sundquist touted his choice of Jackson... who has served during a difficult time in the city... and, nation.  Sundquist says Jackson has been very important in putting together a police reform program that's being required by Governor Andrew Cuomo... and has a good history of serving his community, and the military.  Jackson was previously a lieutenant in the department.  Later in the meeting... council tabled a local law that would decouple the Police and Fire Chief positions from being under "Public Safety Director."  Once approved, there would be separate chiefs again in the city.

The Diocese of Buffalo's new Bishop held a Zoom meeting with Western New York media Tuesday.  Bishop Michael Fisher says he looks forward to visiting the diocese before his permanent move to Western New York.  Bishop Fisher becomes the 15th Bishop of the Diocese and faces many challenges.  He was asked by reporters about the sex abuse scandal facing the diocese, and the recent lawsuit that was filed by State Attorney General Latitia James.  Fisher says he's looking to rebuild trust and transparency. Bishop Fisher also pledged to work with the Diocesan Renewal Task Force.