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**Weather update -- National Weather Service extends Lake Effect Snow Warning to Midnight Thursday night...

The Lake Effect Snow we've been getting for the past 24 hours or so aren't leaving us anytime soon.  The National Weather Service has extended our Lake Effect Snow Warning thought Midnight Thursday night... with another 14 inches of snow possible in the snow belt areas between now and then.  That from Forecaster Jim Mitchell in Buffalo.  Mitchell says we have high pressure to our west and east... and, that's blocking a low pressure system right over us.  He says that's going to keep the cold air in the region flowing over Lake Erie, and producing the lake effect.  Mitchell says this is the "blocking pattern" we usually get during the Winter... but, really haven't seen until now.  With that... he says we'll be "entrenched" in this pattern until very late Thursday.  Mitchell adds that some parts of the listening area may see 20 to 24 inches of snow by the time the system begins moving out.  He says the most persistant snows will be around the Chautauqua Ridge, and ski country.  The Lake Effect snow showers have been "off and on" since about Noon today.  However... Mitchell says much of the area will be looking at another 5 to 9 inches tonight and overnight.

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