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Cuomo, legislative leaders reach deal on state budget that keeps spending increases below 2-percent...

Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York legislative leaders have reached a deal on a tentative 2013-14 budget that would keep spending increases under 2 percent while providing tax rebates and breaks over the next two years.  Cuomo says the $135-billion budget deal includes a $350 rebate check for middle-class families with at least one child... and, a household income of $40,000 to $300,000.  The checks wouldn't be sent to taxpayers until 2014, an election year for Cuomo and lawmakers.  The deal also would raise the $7.25 hourly minimum wage to $9 over three years.  But... it wouldn't include automatic increases tied to inflation, which Democrats had sought.  The proposed budget would include the second extension of a temporary millionaire tax increase that raises $2 billion a year.

Goodell says school districts, private entities providing programming for developmentally-disabled should benefit from restored funding in 2013-14 Budget...

Chautauqua County's state Assemblyman says area school districts should be helped under the budget agreement reached by Governor Andrew Cuomo... and, legislative leaders last night.  While he is awaiting more details... Bemus Point Republican Andy Goodell says the tentative agreement does include an increase in state aid to schools.  Goodell says that's been one of his top priorities during budget negotiations.  He says at least $200-million has been restored in the spending plan... which he says is "very good."  Goodell says he's also hopeful that the final budget may restore some of the funding cuts Cuomo had proposed for groups that work with the developmentally-disabled.  He says the governor had initially recommended a 6-percent cut... but, about a third has been restored of the $120-million cut in Cuomo's budget plan.  He adds he's hoping for "substantially more."  State lawmakers -- like Goodell -- will be working on passing budget bills this Saturday... and, possibly on Sunday in order to have a state budget in place before the start of Passover... which is Monday.

National Weather Service continues Lake Effect Snow Warning through Noon Friday...

We've seen little snow... and, plenty of sunshine in the immediate Jamestown-area this morning.  However... the National Weather Service is continuing a Lake Effect Snow Warning through Noon Friday.  That from Forecaster Sean Smith with the weather service's Buffalo office.  We only saw a couple of inches overnight locally.  Smith says the lake effect bands are more in the north county this morning... but, he says they'll be shifting more to the south late today.  He says the band will be "re-enhanced" and move south tonight through tomorrow morning.  Smith says we will remain in what forecasters call a "blocking pattern" through late tomorrow.  He says that's kept a large "upper level" low over us... and, a pair of highs to our east and west.  He says... as long as that remains over us... we're stuck in this pattern.  Smith says we'll remain much colder than normal through tomorrow... and, by Saturday and Sunday... we'll begin moving towards more "normal" temperatures.  Smith says the Weather Service has had snowfall totals over the past 24 hours between 6 and 7 inches.  The 7 inch reading came from Forestville.  Unofficially... we're heard of 13 inches in Arkwright... 12 in South Dayton... and, 8 inches in the Cassadaga-area. 



Ironically... it was one year ago today that we experienced an unprecidented March warm-up.  The National Weather Service office in Buffalo recorded a record temperature of 83-degrees.  Today... it's about 60-degrees colder than that.

(**New)City Easter Egg Hunt to be held, unless there's major improvement in weather forecast, inside Allen Park Ice Rink Sat., March 30th...

A long-time, Spring-time tradition will take place a week from this Saturday... but, the weather will force Jamestown's annual Easter Egg Hunt indoors.  That from Mayor Sam Teresi this afternoon during announcement that the city's 66th annual hunt will take place at 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Mar. 30, inside the Allen Park Ice Arena.  Teresi says the forecast is still calling for unseasonably cold temperatures through the middle of next week... and, even if it warms up... Allen Park will likely be wet, and muddy.  The mayor says they are leaving open the possibility of moving the hunt back outdoors if there's an improvement in next week's forecast.  More on this story later.

Wordelmann proposes 2013-2014 budget with 1.3-percent tax increase...

The tentative 2013-2014 budget for the village of Lakewood increases taxes by about 1.3-percent... due mainly to increased state pension costs.  Mayor David Wordelmann released his proposed spending plan Wednesday afternoon... and, says while spending is up by nearly $101,000... revenues are up about $80,000.  He says there are basically four areas where spending is going up in the $3.24-million spending plan.  The biggest... he says... is more than $37,000 in increased pension costs to New York state.  The next biggest increase is about $32,000 in fuel and equipment for the police and fire departments.  Wordelmann says the increase in gas alone is about $15,000... and, that may still go up again.  As for revenue increases... Wordelman says a key one is a change in taxing status for the Lakewood Village Center on Fairmount Avenue.  They are changing to a payment in lieu of tax agreement... after the owner made a major investment to upgrade the center for new businesses.  Wordelmann says the tax levy would increase by about $22,000 under the plan... the tax rate by $23-cents per $1,000.

Herkimer shooter still had 90 rounds left after shooting six people, killing four...

Authorities say the man who fatally shot four men in neighboring upstate New York villages last week still had 50 rounds on him... and, another 45 in his vehicle parked outside the building where he was killed in a shootout with police.  The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports that the Herkimer County District Attorney told county legislators Wednesday night that police found the ammunition on Kurt Myers' body and inside his vehicle after he was shot last Thursday morning inside a vacant building in Herkimer.  The shootout ended a 19-hour standoff.  The 64-year-old Myers fired at police as they approached the small room where he was holed up.  Myers killed an FBI dog before police returned fire, hitting him multiple times.


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