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Local News Headlines  3/25/13  4:57AM


Four people -- two from Jamestown and two others from Falconer -- are jailed without bail for allegedly breaking into a city residence... and, starting a fight that spilled into the street.  Jamestown police were called to the scene at 429 Lincoln Street shortly before 2:30 AM Saturday... and, found several people fighting in the street... and, one of them armed with a shotgun.  Officers say the four primary suspects went to the victim's home... trying to collect a debt they felt they were owed.  They allegedly forced their way in... and, began a fight.  Police arrested two 21 year-olds from Falconer... Jonathan Ray and Chad Robbins... along with 20 year-old Casey Billyard and 18 year-old Kaitlyn Billyard of Jamestown.  Investigators say one person was struck with a baseball bat... and, Ray was allegedly armed with a shotgun.  All four face charges... including second-degree burglary... and, assault.  Ray was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon.  No one was hurt.  The four suspects were sent to the county jail.


A Warren County, Pennsylvania man was seriously hurt when his car crashed into a concrete culvert... and, a tree in Conewango Township early yesterday.  State Police in Warren say 21 year-old Jacob Scalise was northbound on North State Street shortly after Midnight Sunday when his car left the road for an unknown reason.  Troopers say the car then slammed into the culvert... and, struck the tree on the driver's side door.  Scalise was flown to the Hamot Medical Center in Erie for treatment.  There was no word on his condition.


New York's budget that lawmakers started to vote on this past weekend is based on their power to stop a sunset.  Two sunsets, in fact.  Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature are stopping the scheduled expiration of a temporary income tax increase on millionaires and delaying one on a big utility tax on businesses.  In legislative speak... those expirations are called sunsets.  So, while Cuomo and lawmakers call it a tax-free, business- and family-friendly budget, critics are swift to point out it contains what are in effect tax hikes.  And, they say, they're getting done a full year before any of the leaders has to think about getting re-elected.  Those who pushed for the budget note the tax extensions were needed to pay for other coveted programs.


One person was taken to the hospital following a near head-on crash involving two cars in the town of Hanover late last Friday afternoon.  Sheriff's Deputies say 21 year-old Jennifer Lee was northbound on Alleghany Road near the intersection with Bradley when her vehicle entered a snow-covered area.  Officers say Lee was traveling at an unsafe speed... and, lost control of her car.  The vehicle reportedly crossed the double-solid line... and, struck the on-coming car... driven by 45 year-old James Reinagel of Frewsburg.  Officers say the occupants of both vehicles were checked our by first responders and Lee was later taken to Lakeshore Hospital for evaluation... but, had minor injuries.  She is charged with Unsafe speed and Failure to keep right.


It appears the U-S Department of Agriculture is set to move out of the Chautauqua County Agriculture Center on Turner Road.  As first reported on WJTN... the USDA was taking a close look at the Ag. Center... and, whether it meets their needs.  Local USDA Farm Service Director Lynn Laver says the current building does not meet their "specific requirements."  Lack of privacy in the offices was one of the issues cited.  Laver says the plan is for all the USDA services at the Ag Center to move... later this year... to the former Ames Plaza building on Fluvanna Avenue in Jamestown.  The county's Public Facilities Director, George Spanos, says they offered significant upgrades... including 'drop' ceilings... in their bid. Spanos believes the Ames Plaza location will cost about 10-dollars a square foot MORE than the Ag Center.  Chautauqua County Soil and Water Conservation District Board  Chairman Fred Croscut believes the farm community will be very unhappy... because there will no longer be one location for all agriculture-related services.  He's urging people to contact federal lawmakers.


Chautauqua Institution has wrapped up scheduling for it's 2013 season by signing Public Radio's Garrison Keillor to be on stage Friday, August 2nd.  Chautauqua's Vice-President and Programming Director Marty Merkley says Keillor will be on stage to record a program called "Radio Romance Tour 2013.  The program begins at 8:15 PM. 


Some New York lawmakers are upset with a proposed tax credit that would benefit NBC if it moves ``The Tonight Show'' from California to New York City.  As reports circulated that Jimmy Fallon is poised to become the show's host, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a bill that would give a 30-percent credit to any ``relocated television production'' that films before a large studio audience... has a 30-million dollar budget and has been on the air for at least five seasons.  Republican State Assemblyman Jim Tedisco tells the New York Post that it is ``outrageous'' to be giving a tax break to a talk show while the state is preparing to cut funding for the developmentally disabled.  Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb called the credit a ``bad idea'' on Twitter.


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's administration will meet April 2nd with U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  Corbett Spokeswoman Christine Cronkright says it'll be on the subject of an expansion of Medicaid eligibility under the federal Affordable Care Act.  Cronkright says she didn't have additional details beyond the meeting date.  The federal government is promising to pay the full cost of an eligible state's expansion for three years beginning next year, and at least 90 percent of the cost after that.  The expansion is projected to provide health insurance to hundreds of thousands of low-income Pennsylvanians.  But... the Republican governor says he's concerned about the cost to Pennsylvania taxpayers and says the federal government can't be trusted to deliver on funding promises.

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