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Local News Headlines

Local News Headlines


New York's senior U-S Senator is calling on the Veteran's Administration to end the "disconnect" between the federal government... and, the localities that distribute the benefits they've earned.  Brooklyn Democrat Charles Schumer was in Jamestown yesterday to launch a new plan to help ensure that veterans returning home get a crucial property tax credit that can help them afford a new home... or keep the one they have.  During a stop at the Chautauqua County Veterans Services Agency... Schumer noted that only half of the county's 14-thousand veterans have applied for the property tax benefit.  He says most of them don't know about it. Schumer says the V-A needs to share that list as soon as possible with each county... and second... they should include an application for the credit with each veteran.  Schumer says the third part is to push social media... such as Facebook... to join an on-line ad campaign to reach younger veteran's and boost awareness in new ways.  He says veterans are eligible for tax breaks of 10 to 35-percent... depending on their service.


Senator Charles Schumer is proposing legislation targeting thieves who strip and sell copper and other metal from homes and businesses.  The New York Democrat was in Niagara Falls earlier in the day Thursday to push a bill he's co-sponsoring that would require metal sellers to prove ownership.  It would also require scrap yards to keep detailed records of what they buy.  The bill also would cap the amount buyers could pay at 100-dollars... and make it a federal crime to steal metal from critical infrastructure.  Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, Police Chief Bryan DalPorto and victims of scrap metal joined Schumer for the announcement.


Chautauqua County is a "special, special place..." and, U-S Senator Charles Schumer says he's working on several fronts to help the region... and, all of New York State.  Schumer was the keynote speaker at last night's Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Annual Banquet in Jamestown.  He finished up a busy day in Western New York by updating local Democrats on federal legislation he says will benefit the county.  One is Immigration Reform... which the Brooklyn Democrat says will keep people entrepreneurs here... and, kick-out those who have expired visas. On the agricultural front... Schumer says they're also working on a better Farm Bill that will have more focus on worker issues in the northeast.  He says previous bills dealt more with the south and the midwest.  Nationally... Schumer agrees with balancing the budget... and, cutting wasteful spending... but, NOT what created the middle class. While there seems to be a lot of gloom and doom coming out of Washington these days... he says he's encouraged by the work "Gang of Eight" he's been part of that's drafted the new Immigration Reform Act.  Schumer spoke to more than 100 party faithful at the new, Gateway Train Station in Jamestown.


The long-time head of the Democratic Committee in the city of Dunkirk is the 2013 Chautauqua County Democrat of the Year.  Frank Gawronski was presented with the honor at last night's County Democratic Committee Banquet in Jamestown.  Gawronski thanked the committee for the honor... and, introduced several members of his family... including his soon-to-be 88 year-old mother, Carrie.  He says he was the oldest of seven children who grew up in the old "Veterans Projects" for low income residents. Gawronski adds that his committee of 26 Democrats have been very successful in getting party candidates elected in the north county... including current Mayor A-J Dolce... and, four of the five council seats.  However... among his proudest moments was the showing by Congressional candidate Nate Shinagawa in last year's election.  Gawronski says the Tompkins County legislator... who lost a close race to Republican Tom Reed... won Dunkirk with a large plurality.


The former head of the Southwestern New York chapter of the American Red Cross has announced his intention to run for Chautauqua County Executive.  County Legislator Vince Horrigan of Bemus Point is formerly announcing his candidacy Thursday... after announcing his intentions to local Republican's at last Wednesday night's County GOP reception in Dunkirk.  The District 17 representative says he "fell in love" with the area 57 years ago after his family moved her from Ohio.  He adds that heading up the area's Red Cross chapter also helped him get a "feel" for local issues. Horrigan has been a county legislator for the past year and four-months... and, has been heavily involved in landfill issues in the town of Ellery... and, has researched the need to sell the county home.  After a 27 year career in the U.S. Air Force... Horrigan returned to the county 15 years ago to head up the local Red Cross.  In making the announcement... he said --quote -- "I care very deeply for this place."