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Jamestown firefighters make quick work of entryway blaze at Euclid Apartments...

Jamestown fire investigators are looking into the cause of a late night blaze Monday that damaged the front entryway to an apartment house.  Fire Battlion Chief Matt Russo says crews were called to the Euclid Apartments at 28 Euclid Ave. shortly before 11:30 p.m. Monday... and, found fire coming from around the entrance doors.  Russo says firefighters attacked the flames with a single-hand line... and, knocked it down quickly.  They found no extension... but, did have to clear some smoke from the building.  No one was hurt... but, crews were at the scene for about an hour and a half.

Four Jamestown teens accused of shooting paint balls at people and property...

Four city teens are under arrest for allegedly shooting paintballs at several people.. houses and vehicles around Jamestown Monday night.  City police were called to the area around 364 Fluvanna Ave. about 6:30 p.m. on several complaints of youths shooting the paintballs.  Officers got a description of the suspect vehicle... and, later found it... and, the teens inside.  Three of them... an 18 year-old and two 16 year-olds... face several charges... including two counts of second-degree assault... and one count each of reckless endangerment... criminal nuisance... and, conspiracy.  Police say a 15 year-old who's accused of taking part will have his case petitioned to Family Court at a later date.

Pool dealership slated for long vacant restaurant building in West Ellicott...

A former restaurant location on East Fairmount Avenue in West Ellicott is finally getting a make-over... and, will soon open as a pool store.  Ellicott Town Supervisor Cecil Miller confirms that Clearview Pools of Western New York has a lease for the former Yum-Yum's... and, will be opening sometime in the near future.  Miller says he and other town officials are "very excited" about the development.  Miller says they specialize in pools and spas -- both above and in-ground.  He says a new owner bought the property several months ago... and, now has a tenant.  Miller adds that the developer... who was not identified... will do some work on the deck, and some landscaping is being done.  The local franchiser of Clearview Pools has also been doing a lot of work on the building's interior in preparation for their opening.  Miller adds no zoning changes are need for what's being done.  Miller says town officials are especially excited because the former Yum-Yum's property has been vacant for several years... and, had fallen into disrepair.  We have learned that the local franchiser for Clearview Pools of Western New York is Scott Axelson... who is returning to the area from the New England region.

Reed not opposed to legislation to define collection of sales tax from Internet sales... but, is opposed to any new taxes... 
Chautauqua County's representative in Congress says he's not against a proposal that could end tax-free shopping on the Internet.  However... Corning Republican Tom Reed says he will only support the enforcement of state sales taxes on those sales.  The U.S. Senate Monday approved a bill that empowers states to require businesses with more than one-million dollars in "out-of-state" sales to collect taxes for products they sell on the Internet... in catalogs... and, through radio and TV ads.  Reed says many Internet sales are taxable... but, the taxes are not inforceable right now.  He says there is an issue of fairness with "brick and mortar" business that have to collect sales tax on merchandise not considered to be 'basic necessities.'  He says the problem is there is no penalty in place for Internet sale sites.  However... Reed adds he does not support a new tax... which he wants to make sure is not in the final bill.  The legislation was passed in the Senate, 69-to-27.  The legislation would have the sales tax on Internet sales sent to the state where a shopper lives.

Jamestown voted Best Tasting Water in Chautauqua County...

There is a new winner in this year's annual Chautauqua County Best Tasting Water Contest.  Water Specialist Bill Boria with the county's Health Department says the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities dethroned Fredonia in last Friday's competition at the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood.  Boria says well over 100 people took part in the taste testing contest.  Boria says Fredonia... which had a lock on the competition the past five years... had to settle for second this time around.  He says the eight competing municpalities were divided into two catagories in the beginning rounds... groundwater or surface water.  The top two from that round went to the next round.  The final round was head-to-head... regardless of whether they were ground or surface water.  Boria says the other municipal water supplies taking part were: Westfield... Brocton... Ripley... Frewsburg... Mayville... and, Sherman.  Boria commended all the municipal water system operators for their efforts to provide "safe and abundant" water supplies.  Jamestown will next take part in regional competition in July. 

City man jailed for allegedly helping himself to food and drink from downtown restaurant...

A Jamestown man is jailed after allegedly grabbing an early morning snack... and, stealing several bottles of booze from a downtown hotel.  City police arrested 56 year-old Robert Cavender of East Fifth St. about 3 a.m. Tuesday at the Ramada Inn on West Fourth Street for allegedly breaking into the kitchen and banquet-area during the overnight hours.  Officers say a hotel employee reportedly found Cavender inside a large kitchen cooler eating shrimp, breakfast sandwiches, and ice cream bars.  The suspect ran off... but, later returned... and, was found in an elevator in possession of several liquor bottles from the banquet room.  Cavender allegedly ran off again... but, was found by police a few blocks away.  He was arrested... and, arraigned on charges of Felony burglary, criminal mischief and petty larceny.  Cavender was then sent to the Chautauqua County Jail in lieu of bail.



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