Chautauqua County legislators have approved an emergency resolution that renews the 2 percent bed tax that can be used to maintain county waterways and lakes, but a change in language of the home rule legislation caused confusion and concern last night.  The measure prepared by area State Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell reached the legislature only an hour or two before the session began.  Legislator George Borrello of Silver Creek wanted it tabled. But, Legislator Fred Croscut of Sherman says the county lawmakers didn't have much choice. After a phone call was made to Assemblyman Goodell, legislators passed the measure by 16-8 vote.  A special meeting of the Legislature will be held next Wednesday. Chairman Jay Gould says they will try to get more information from the state lawmakers involved. Gould says they tried to do committee work on the floor of the legislation because of the short notice. He says it's something they try to avoid if possible.


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WJTN News Headlines for Aug. 21, 2019

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