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Problems with three Board of Public Utilities' pump stations led to discolored water in two parts of Jamestown, and Falconer late yesterday afternoon.  The first occured about 3:45 PM... when an underground cable fault triggered a power outage on the city's eastside... and, the industrial corridor.  Board of Public Utilities' Spokeswoman Becky Robbins says the outage cut power to TitanX... and, the former Bush Industries, Crawford and Sterling facilities on Allen Street.  Power was re-directed last night once the exact site of the fault was found.    However... while crews were still working... a transformer not far away at Dow and Allen Streets failed about 9:15 PM... triggering further outages in that area.  That also turned off the water Cassadaga and Buffalo Street pump stations. As as result of the earlier outage... Robbins says the Buffalo Street water pump station apparently tripped off and on... causing discolored water in the Village of Falconer and on the city's northside through early this morning.  Robbins adds water main break and valve replacement occurred later in the day in the area of Bush School, near English, Sanford and Pardee Streets.  Discolored water was also experienced by water customers in the Allen Park, English Hill areas through early this morning.


Jamestown police are investigating a shooting and stabbing that occured early Sunday morning on East Second Street.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says the two victims were brought to the emergency room of WCA Hospital for treatment of what appear to be non-life threatening injuries.  Samuelson says the assaults took place about 5:15 AM at 517 East Second Street. Samuelson emphasizes that the assaults were NOT random acts.  He adds they're still investigating the motive... and, looking for possible suspects.  He says the victims were both men... who were in their 20s... and, were apparently at some kind of "after hours" party were several other people were. Samuelson says the two victims are not cooperating with police... so the public's help is greatly encouraged.  You can reach City Police at 483-7531... or the JPD Confidential Tip Line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.


A city resident is jailed for allegedly attacking another woman with a knife during a fight on Jamestown's northside late Sunday night.  City police were called to the scene at 817 North Main Street shortly after 10 PM... and, further investigation showed that 25 year-old Alexcia Melbourne allegedly pulled a knife during the fight with another woman.   Officers say the victim suffered cuts to her head... and, pinky finger in the struggle.  Melbourne was arrested without incident... and, charged with second-degree assault.  She was being held pending arraignment in city court.


There are parts of the recently approved Senate Immigrant Reform Bill that he likes... but, local Congressman Tom Reed says he will NOT approve it because it includes "Amnesty" for illegal immigrants.  Reed adds that -- with that -- it won't pass in the GOP-led House.  Reed says "Amnesty..." even with a 13-year path to citizenship... is NOT fair to those immigrants who became citizens legally.  He says House members are working on their own bill... which will allow those here illegally to gain "legal status."  The Corning Republican says two bills are in the works.
Reed says both items were approved by the House Judiciary Committee.  He says he likes adding to the border "wall" with Mexico... and, adding more border agents.  However... he believes a new "ATM-like" card that takes advantage of current technology could put illegals on the proper path to being legal.  Reed says it would help control the border better.  He made his comments during his weekly telephone news conference.


New York's young drivers face a 60-day suspension when caught texting or using a hand-held cell phone on the road under a law now signed by Governor Cuomo.  Those traffic violations already carry fines.  The legislation approved by the Senate and Assembly applies to drivers with permits and probationary or junior licenses.  They'll now face a 60-day suspension for a first offense.  A second offense within six months will revoke a probationary license for six months... and, a junior license for 60 days.


The "next greatest generation" may very well be the one that's currently here on earth because technology is growing exponentially... and, everyone is using it.  Those are the feelings of Monday's featured lecturer at Chautauqua Institution.  Megan Smith is the Vice-President of Google X... and, says "networking" allows everyone to use the technology of the day.  Speaking with our Jim Roselle this (Monday) morning... Smith admits the younger generation may be leading this -- in part -- because they've had the technology around their whole lives. Smith says a good example of this is a movie that Chautauquan Dan Carslake is working called "Every 3 Seconds."  She says Carslake has a team of two younger people... one who's middle aged... and, two seniors who are doing "fabulous things."  Smith says Google is continuing to try and make things better.  She's working on a project now with "Google X" doing "Moonshot thinking."  That's where you try to make something "ten times better" than what it was to help solve problems.  Smith says she's been part of a team that has taken "driver-less" cars half-a-million miles.  Smith says robotic cars are not something from the future... they're here now.

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