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A broken water main on Route 62 in the Town of Carroll has cut off the large water tank in the north part of the water district from the rest of the town.  Until the main can be fixed... and, the tank brought back on-line... ALL customers of the Town of Carroll are asked to conserve water until further notice.  That from the County Health Department's Natalie Whiteman... who says customers are strongly urged to conserve water, preferably cutting water usage in half.  Whiteman says use only what is absolutely necessary.  For more information... contact the Village Hall at 569-5365... or the County Health and Human Services Department at 753-4481.


A stronger lake breeze prevented any major heat wave issues yesterday in the Jamestown-area... and, evenhelped fire up some thunderstorms across Western New York.  However... we have one more day of the current heat wave to go.  That from Forecaster Jim Mitchell with the National Weather Service in Buffalo.  While there were Heat Index alerts in parts of the region earlier... no records were set.  Mitchell said late Thursday we'll have another day of heat and humidity... then a cold front moves through early Saturday. Mitchell adds the lake breeze will continue to hold off thunderstorm activity until later today in advance of the cold front.  Once the front moves in... he says we'll see a quick drop in humidity and temperatures.  Mitchell says a "pre-frontal troth" will come through first... triggering possible storms this afternoon.  There are some strong thunderstorms forecast for tonight.  While some parts of the Jamestown-area did reach 90 or better on Wednesday... our high yesterday at the Media One studios was 89.  The Jamestown Airport reached 86.


The first mass search of Chautauqua Lake for the invasive Water Chestnut plant is set for this Saturday morning... beginning on the Stow side of the Bemus Point-Stow Ferry.  Chautauqua County Watershed Coordinator Jeff Diers says local volunteers are needed again this year to search for the aquatic plant... which has wreaked havoc on some other lakes in New York state.  Late last Summer... 17 plants were found.  However... Diers says plants have already been sighted in and around the lake... mainly in the south basin area. Diers says the problem with the Water Chestnut -- which can reach 15 feet in length... and, has a floating rosetta of leaves that are green, glossy and triangular -- is they can spread rapidly.  He says each plant can produce up to 15 nutlets a season... and, 75 annually.  Diers says they tend to be found near shorelines because they get more sunlight... and, the water is clear and slow moving.  If they get established... Diers says the plants form dense floating mats that can devastate the body of water.  For more information... call the watershed hotline at 661-7499... or 363-4499.


Authorities say one person is dead after a fire broke out at an Olean home Wednesday morning.  Fire officials say tell YNN cable television news that the blaze was reported around 7 AM at a three-unit home in the Cattaraugus County city... near the Pennsylvania border.  Officials say firefighters found a person on the second floor a short time later.  The person died later at Olean General Hospital.  Investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire.


One of the organizers of Laurel Run is making a 'marathon' commitment to this year's race.  Steve Waterson, Community Relations Director at the Resource Center has a plan for the relay part of the event... which begins this morning. Waterson says because of the economy... they've lost a couple of major sponsors this year, so he thought about doing something a "little extraordinary" to get people to contribute to his effort.  So... he'll be running the entire 30 miles in 80-degree heat.  Waterson is a runner and has been training for the event.  Anyone who wants to support Steve's run can go to firstgiving.com/trcfoundation.  Two other men, one from Dunkirk... the other from Williamsville, will also attempt to run the entire distance from Jamestown to Dunkirk.  The main events for Laurel Run are Saturday in Silver Creek... with the 'centerpiece' that day being an 8-K run.  Proceeds from the Laurel Run benefit The Resource Center.


Well-known author and reporter George Packer says there was a 'Roosevelt Republic' in the United States for about half a century... but it has come to an end.  Packer is the author of the recent book 'The Unwinding' and was Thursday's speaker at Chautauqua Institution.  He says initially Franklin Roosevelt was viewed as kind of shallow. Packer says he was recently watching a video of Roosevelt speaking at Chautauqua in the 1930's, and compared FDR to Barack Obama.  He says Obama is not as "shrewd" politically... and, doesn't know how to us power.  Packer suggests 'the unwinding' of the 'Roosevelt Republic' has led to many of the challenges the U-S faces today.

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