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(**Breaking)Small fire on Tracy Plaza in Jamestown put out quickly...

Jamestown firefighters didn't have far to go to deal with a small fire on Tracy Plaza just outside of city hall last night.  City Fire Battalion Chief Matt Russo says a passerby noticed the flames in some debris from construction work taking place on the plaza shortly after 9:30 p.m.  Russo says a truck was sent out... and, firefighters used a water can... and, extinguisher to snuff out the small blaze near the northwest corner of the plaza  He says a city fire investigator was at the scene last night... but, the fire -- at this point -- appears accidental.  No one was hurt... and, damage was minimal.  Firefighters were back in service within half-an-hour.

Ginsburg speaks out against Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling at Chautauqua...

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to extend first amendment rights to corporations to anonymously make donations to political campaigns was a "major" mistake.  That from Associate Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg... who was Monday's featured lecturer at Chautauqua Institution.  During a rare, and exclusive one-on-one interview with WJTN's Jim Roselle... Ginsburg spoke candidly about the 2010 Citizen's United versus the Federal Elections Commission.  Ginsburg... who is known as one of the more 'liberal' members of the court... voted against Citizen's United... but, adds it throws the ball in Congress's court.  That's because she says there is nothing in the final opinion to suggest that there "shouldn't be a disclosure requirement."  Ginsburg says there would still be no limit on campaign contributions... but, all the people who contribute must be identified.  She adds, though, that Congress hasn't done that.  Citizen's United is a conservative lobbying group that wanted to air a film critical of Hillary Clinton... and, to advertise the film during television broadcasts in what Wikipedia describes as an "apparent violation" of the 2002 Bi-Partisan Campaign Reform Act... also known as the "McCain-Feingold Act."  Ginsburg also believes the case will be overturned -- at some point in the future.  She feels the ruling will have a tremendous impact on the political process... because members of Congress... who run every two years... have to constantly lobby for contributions to run. 

Ginsburg also offers behind the scene insight into the High Court...

Ginsburg also offered some rare insight into today's court that you normally don't get from a retired judge... let alone a sitting one.  As opposed to the "Ivory tower" vision most American's have of the U-S Supreme Court... she says it's one of the "most collegial places" she has ever worked at.  She says they have two law facilities that are part of the court facility... along with the Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals.  Ginsburg adds the justices do get out of the court to met with other court leaders internationally... with five going to Ottawa in September for exchanges with members of the Canadian Supreme Court.  Ginsburg... who is 80... will celebrate 20 years on the high court next month... and, despite a recent bout with Colo-rectal Cancer... she plans on serving on the high court until she dies... or is no longer to continue her duties.  Ginsburg graduated from college in 1954... and, decided to become a lawyer when she began working for a Professor of Constitutional Law during the "McCarthy Era."  She spoke to kick-off "Crime and Punishment" Week at Chautauqua.


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