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East Terrace Ave. area resident recalls Monday afternoon storm that caused significant damage in Lakewood...

A long-time Lakewood resident who had a cat-bird seat for Monday's devastating storm says she's never seen a storm as intense as that apparent downburst.  Diane Jordan lives on Front Street -- near Chautauqua Lake -- just off Terrace Avenue.  She says there have been storms that have taken down a few trees in the village... but, nothing like this.  Most of the trees fell on Terrace between Awana Way and the YWCA Camp.  Jordan says the winds began to really pick up just before 1 p.m., and, she took a look outside... and, the rain and hail came.  She says the hail was dime-sized as strong thunder and lightning began.  Jordan once the thunder and lighting subsided... she and others were able to get outside to survey the damage.  She says there was little damage to her property... but, says she saw a lot around her.  That included the car that had been flipped onto it's side when a large tree was pushed over... and, the roots turned the car onto it's passenger side.  No one was hurt. 

Mayville man jailed for alleged fight, and driving vehicle into camper in town of Chautauqua...

A Mayville man is jailed without bail for allegedly fighting with another man after ramming the victim's camper with his car at a town of Chautauqua campsite Monday night.  Sheriff's Deputies were called to the scene on Plank Road just after 9 p.m., and, were assisted by State Police in arresting 49 year-old Ricky Zentz.  The investigation showed that Zentz drove his vehicle into the campsite... and, alleged rammed the Winnebago camper while people were inside it.  Officers say Zentz also allegedly tried to hit a person outside of the camper -- with his vehicle -- as well.  Zentz was taken into custody... and, arraigned on charges of second-degree reckless endangerment... and, criminal mischief.  He was then sent to the county lock-up.

City woman jailed for allegedly running into two vehicles on West Virginia Blvd...

A Jamestown woman has been arrested for allegedly driving drunk when her pick-up truck struck two parked vehicles on West Virginia Boulevard early Tuesday morning.  City police were called to the scene just after Midnight on a report of the northbound truck leaving the road... and, striking a van in a driveway at 38 West Virginia.  The impact pushed the van into the building.  Officers say 33 year-old Stacy Vansickle allegedly continued north... and, struck another vehicle parked on the side of the road.  Police accuse Vansickle of then running off from her damaged truck.  A witness who called police was able to direct police to where she was... and, she was arrested.  Vansickle is also accused of leaving her three children... ages 3, 5 and 11... home alone before and after the incident.  She faces several charges... including reckless endangerment... speeding... and, endangering the welfare of a child.

Sheldon confirms he's running for First-Ward seat in Jamestown...

A man who was last on the Jamestown City Council nearly 20 years ago is again running for his old seat in Ward-One this Fall.  City Republican Committee Chairman Brent Sheldon has been endorsed to run against Democrat Tara Hall for the chance to replace Steve Szwejbka... who announced recently that he's not seeking another term on the panel.  Sheldon says that... and, the fact his job as a Public Health Sanitarian with Chautauqua County is no longer federally-subsidized... allowed him to run for office again.  He says they were ready to throw they're backing to Szwejbka until he decided against running.  Sheldon says the state election rules also changed regarding such positions... and, even if some federal money was involved... he would have still been able to run.  He says he's received a "good response" to his campaign... especially on the need to lower property taxes.  Sheldon also says there's an issue he sees every day with the health department... and, that's substandard rental housing.  He says there's been an improvement in owner-occupied housing... but, not in rentals.  Sheldon served one-term on city council from 1993 to 1995.


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