Local News Headlines

The man who allegedly fled from his wrecked car following a head-on crash in Lakewood last Friday has now been identified by authorities.  Lakewood-Busti Police say 38 year-old Victor Cameron was determined to be the driver of the Nissam Maxima involved in the accident... which occured just after 5 PM at the intersection of Fairmount and Fairdale Avenues.  Sergeant Investigator Paul Gustafson says they have now issued a warrant for Cameron's arrest for leaving the scene.  Gustafson is asking anyone with information on Cameron to contact them at 763-9563.  Gustafson says Lakewood-Busti Police were joined in the investigation by Sheriff's officers, Ellicott Town Police, and State Police.  Police and fire rescue crews were called to the scene of the collision... which involved serious injuries.


One person was killed... and three others were hurt in a two vehicle crash on Route 219 in the Cattaraugus County town of Ashford.  Sheriff's officers in Little Valley say 18 year-old Anna Schroeder of West Valley was northbound just after 9:30 AM Sunday... when her car crossed the center line... and, went into the path of a southbound pick-up truck.  The driver of the truck... James Heidrich of Niagara Falls... was unable to avoid the collision.  Deputies say Schroeder was pronounced dead at the scene.  Heidrich was flown to the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo for treatment.  Officers say his two passengers... a North Tonawanda man, and another from Maine... were taken to ECMC by ambulance.  The investigation into the crash is continuing.


New Jamestown School Superintendent Tim Mains says he wants to be a partner with the city government... and, other entities in the city to help 'build' the community up.  Mains was introduced to lawmakers at last night's city council work session... and, wound up getting their feedback on the schools for nearly an hour.  Mains... who was also a city council member in Rochester while he worked in the school district... says he understands that the schools are a reflection of the community... and, vise versa. Mains says he's gotten the impression in talking with people during his just over one-month on the job that the district wanted to be off -- doing what it does -- by itself.  He says that's one impression he would like to change.  Council members rattled off several assets and challenges faced by the community... and, the schools.  The fact that a lot of lower-income students move a lot -- even during the school year -- was one issue.  Mains says they're already applying for a Community Schools grant from Chautauqua Opportunities to do more outreach to those families.  He says the district is moving forward with teaching from the state's new "Common Core" curriculum... but, adds he wants to see a "Jamestown model" come out of that sometime in the future.


Downsizing of the Chautauqua County Legislature had led to a handful of primaries today in the central... and southeastern parts of the county.  That from Democrat Elections Commissioner Norm Green... who says voting will take place for party members ONLY from Noon to 9 PM.  Green says one of the most watched races will be in the towns of Chautauqua, Sherman and Mina where Republicans Fred Croscut and David Himelein are facing off in District 18. Green says there are no major primaries in the more urban areas of Dunkirk-Fredonia... and, Jamestown-West Ellicott.  However... there is a key GOP Primary between two former GOP lawmakers in the new District 16... just east of Jamestown.  Ron Lemon and Tami Downey are facing off to represent the towns of Kiantone, Carroll and Poland.  As for Democrats... there is a north county primary between Amy Dillenburg and Sue Baldwin in District 5... which includes the towns of Arkwright, Sheridan, Villenova East Pomfret and Cherry Creek.  The winner will take on GOP candidate Terry Niebel.  There is also an opportunity to ballot for the Working Families line in District 7... where only Democrat Tom DeJoe is on the line.


Chautauqua County Executive candidate Ron Johnson has received another line on the November ballot.  The Johnson Campaign Committee says county Independence Committee Chairman Thom Shagla has officially announced that the Fredonia businessman is the party's choice for County Executive.  Shagla says the party's executive committee was impressed by the Democrat's -- "wide range of experience... and, his non-partisan and independent ideas.  He is an independent thinker and that's what we are looking for in our candidates."  Johnson says -- "the Independence Party focuses on electing qualified candidates who are not restricted by 'party politics."  He says he will be an "independent County Executive."  Johnson is the owner and operator of Johnson Adult Homes in Fredonia, and was the lead developer of Fredonia Place.


Chautauqua County's Congressman says he's pleased President Obama will make his case for military action in Syria... but, adds unless there's some new, compelling information... he'll vote against such a move.  Corning Republican Tom Reed says he -- and other members of Congress... wrote the president... urging him to address the nation about the need to deal with the issue.  Reed says the president needs to be "clear and concise" during tonight's prime-time address. In addition to stating his case... Reed says the president also needs to address his strategy for not only dealing with Syria's chemical weapon threat... but, also to avoid further U-S involvement in the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.  While he's against U-S intervention in the Syrian conflict... Reed says he's fully-aware of that President Bashar Assad is accused of using chemical weapons against his own people.  But... he adds that you have to look at the "big picture..." and, the interests of the people of the 23rd Congressional District.  He says the overwhelming majority of people at six town hall meetings were opposed to military intervention in Syria.