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Hot weather moves into Jamestown-area for a couple of days...

The calendar says it's still Summer... and, we're going to enjoy a return to Summer-like conditions the next couple of days.  That from Forecaster Bill Hibbert with the National Weather Service... who says the hot and humid conditions in the Central U.S. and south has moved into the region.  Hibbert says we'll see temperatures in the high 80s to 90 degrees today... with humidity building in during the day.  He adds we've been cut off from that for a while... but, it's now arrived here from the Midwest and south.  Parts of the upper Midwest were looking at highs in the upper 90s earlier in the week... as several record high temperatures were set.  As for us... Hibbert says we may see at least one record high over the next two days.  He says the record at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport is 87 for tomorrow... but, a high of about 90 is predicted.  Hibbert adds it's going to be more like a "Florida night" tonight with temperatures ranging from about 70 in the inland valleys to about 74 along the Lake Erie shoreline.  However... a sharpe cold front moves in late Wednesday night and early Thursday... bringing colder air and rain and thunderstorms. 

Smattering of local primaries take place today...

It's Primary Day across New York state... and, Chautauqua County today.  Polls are open now until 9 tonight.  There are no races in the immediate Jamestown... nor Dunkirk-Fredonia areas.  However... Democrat Elections Commissioner Norm Green says there are a smattering of local races in the Central, northeast and southeast sections of the county.  In the central area... Green says there are a couple of Highway Superintendent races in Gerry and Portland.  Green adds that there's a three-way GOP town council race in Arkwright.  There's also an interesting town council race in Stockton.

Legislative primaries also underway in county...

Major party candidates for three seats on the newly-downsized Chautauqua County Legislature will be decided by today's primaries.  Those seats are mainly in the central... northeastern and southeastern ends of the county.  That from Democrat Elections Commissioner Norm Green... who says voting today is from Noon until 9 PM.  Green says there a primaries for both Democrats and Republicans... and, there's also a third-party opportunity to ballot.  Green says that's in the new district where Democrat Tom DeJoe is seeking another line... and, will be running against Republican John Runkle.  He says one of the most watched races will be in the towns of Chautauqua, Sherman and Mina where Republicans Fred Croscut and David Himelein are facing off in the new District 18.  There is alson a key GOP Primary between two former Republican lawmakers in the new District 16 -- just east of Jamestown.  Ron Lemon and Tami Downey are facing off to represent the towns of Kiantone, Carroll and Poland.  As for Democrats... there is a north county primary between Amy Dillenburg and Sue Baldwin in District 5.


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