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Chautauqua County health officials are again urging residents -- especially in the south county -- to protect themselves against mosquitos... and mosquito bites.  That after a first-ever confirmed case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis in a horse was confirmed late last week in the town of Kiantone.  The county's Department of Health and Human Services was notified late Friday of the case... in which the horse developed neurological symptoms and was euthanized.  County Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says the animal was subsequently tested... and, results confirm it had what's more commonly known as "Triple-E."  This diagnosis follows a summer of unprecedented "Triple-E" activity in the area where the horse was stabled.  It's also the first case of Equine Triple-E in New York State this year.  The discovery comes after the county had been on heightened alert for Triple-E... and, West Nile Virus... especially in Kiantone and, Carroll.  Schuyler says recent aerial spraying of adult mosquitoes drastically cut the numbers of mosquitoes... as well as significantly lower EEE infection rates.  However... she says she was not entirely surprised by the horse contracting the virus.  She says the best way to protect yourself against mosquito bites is to avoid them... and, using effective insect repellent with DEET and to wear long sleeves and pants while outside at dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are most active.  For more information on Eastern Equine Encephalitis... go on-line to Myhealthycounty-dot-COM.


A 16 year-old player on the Westfield/Brocton varsity football team was seriously injured during a football game in Portville last Friday night.  WGRZ-TV in Buffalo reports that Junior Damon Janes is in critical condition in the pediatric intensive care unit of Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo.  A statement from Kaleida Health continues to say: "His parents and family request that their privacy be respected as they fight and pray for him at this time."  Janes was reportedly hurt during a helmet-to-helmet tackle during the third quarter of a game against Portville.  He was taken off the field on a stretcher by paramedics.   Janes was rushed to Olean General and was moved to Women and Children's Hospital later that night.  The Portville school superintendent told Channel 2 that the Brocton student suffered serious head injuries.


The bridge that carries Route 394 over Interstate 86 in Stow now has a name.  The span was officially dedicated this past weekend in the memory of a Stow man killed 45 years ago in the Vietnam War.  State Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell sponsored legislation that was passed earlier this year to rename the bridge after John Stow.  The dedication took place Saturday at the Hadley House Restaurant -- near the bridge.  Young says that naming the span after Stow was both appropriate... and, overdue. Young says Stow's ancestors founded Stow... which is in the town of North Harmony.  In fact... Stow's older brother, Frank, has been a long-time town councilman.  In addition to it being right to honor our veterans this way... Young says it's also time to especially remember those who served in Vietnam if they haven't been.  She says it was an "opportunity to right a wrong" for all Vietnam War veterans... many of whom were not treated well when they returned him.


Governor Andrew Cuomo has tapped an executive from an environmental group to head the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.  The NYSERDA board is expected, later today, to consider Cuomo's pick, John Rhodes, who has been director of the Center for Market Innovation at the Natural Resources Defense Council.  The center channels private capital toward investments meant to benefit the environment.  He would replace Francis Murray Jr., a former state energy commissioner who led the authority since 2009.  NYSERDA was established in 1975 to reduce New York's petroleum consumption.  It focuses on promoting renewable energy, reducing consumption and protecting the environment.  The authority recently petitioned the state Public Service Commission to release $165 million from utility fees to leverage private financing for projects through a so-called ``Green Bank.''


A major employer in the village of Fredonia will be getting some tax relief... but, not as much as it had originally sought.  In a settlement reached between the town of Pomfret and Ralcorp Holdings -- the parent company of Carriage House -- the company's property assessment in the village will be reduced by about 970-thousand dollars.  Ralcorp had sought a reduction of about 2-million.  But... Fredonia Mayor Steve Keefe says the biggest hit will come during the current fiscal year. Keefe says the village will lose about $32,500 in tax revenues... and, will have to repay the company about $26,000 of it in this fiscal year.  However... the elected official says there may be a bright spot. Keefe says the Village Board will now have to decide how to make up difference.  He expects trustees will begin the discussion when they hold a workshop meeting on Monday night. 

Leaf peeping season is starting in parts of New York state.  State tourism officials say trees in parts of the Adirondacks have begun to turn, with as much as 15 percent foliage-color change.  For instance, officials expect about 15 percent color change in elevations above 2-thousand feet in Warren County... including the Upper Hudson River Gorge, Blue Mountain, North Creek and Newcomb.


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