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Jamestown teen being treated for serious injuries after car-bicycle accident in downtown Sunday...

A 14 year-old Jamestown boy is being treated for serious injuries at a Buffalo-area hospital after the bicycle he was riding on collided with a car at the intersection of North Main and Second Streets.  City police were called to the scene just before 8:30 p.m. Sunday... and, found a Jamestown woman was eastbound on West Second Street when her car struck the southbound bicycle.  Officers say the operator of the bike... the 14 year-old's older brother... passed the red light at the intersection.  The 16 year-old was treated at WCA Hospital and later released.  However... the brother... who was standing on the bike's rear pegs... was rushed to WCA... then flown to Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo.  The 14 year-old is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit... and, his condition is not known.  City police were assisted in the investigation by the Sheriff's Department Accident Reconstruction Team.  The investigation is continuing... but, the woman driving the car will not be charged.

Lily Dale man gets 20-years for Course of Sexual Conduct against a child...

A Lily Dale man accused of sexually abusing children several years ago has been sentenced in Chautauqua County court to 20 years in state prison.  District Attorney David Foley says 54 year-old David Goodworth of South Street also received 10 years post-release supervision for first-degree Course of Sexual Conduct Against a Child... which is a Class-B Felony.  Foley says he was pleased with the outcome saying that not only does this punish Goodworth for these "heinous acts..." but, sends a message to sex offenders that they can expect to receive significant time for similar crimes.  The D-A further stated -- "I am glad to see that the new sentencing guidelines for sex offenders which was passed in 2007 is finally taking effect and we're seeing an increase in the length of prison terms."  Foley also expressed his appreciation to State Police Investigator Ed Kalfas... the county's Child Advocacy Program... Assistant District Attorney Laurie Beckerink, the victims and victims' family for their support and strength.

Reed votes for GOP-backed continuing resolutio that defunds Obamacare...

Local Congressman Tom Reed was in the majority in the GOP-led House that voted for a continuing resolution to keep the government operating without funding for the Affordable Care Act.  Reed concedes the Senate is not likely to approve a similar measure that defunds "Obamacare"... but, hopes they will.  He says there's been a rising tide of opposition to the measure.  During his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media... Reed Monday said the ball is in the Senate's court.  He says if they do act, he'll look at what's in it... and, send a message back that the "status quo" isn't going to work anymore.  Reed says he doesn't know if the Senate will put forth a continuing resolution to fund the government starting Oct. 1.  Nor does he know if it will also stop funding for Obamacare.  However... if they at least get a resolution passed... they can begin talking about what to do -- and not do.  Reed adds the overwhelming number of constituents in his district, who have voiced their opinion, say they want Obamacare taken out of the federal budget.


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