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Rest of Westfield/Brocton football season cancelled after superintendent polls players following death of teammate...

The Westfield Academy and Central School District has cancelled the remainder of its varsity football season in the aftermath of a player's death from injuries suffered during a game.  The school's website this morning says the School Board voted Monday night to cancel the Westfield-Brocton team's remaining games because of the death of 16-year-old Damon Janes.  The junior running back from Brocton lost consciousness after a tackle play during a game Sept. 13 in Portville.  He died three days later at a Buffalo hospital.  Westfield school Superintendent David Davison recommended canceling the rest of the season after speaking with players who said they didn't want to continue playing this year.  During the meeting with the players, Davison said they shared "creative and positive ways to honor Janes through our athletic programs and school communities for the remainder of the year and into the future."  He emphasized this will be a "student driven" effort and allow Damon’s friends and teammates to continue the grieving process off of the playing field.  Westfield and Brocton are neighboring school districts... and have a number of combined programs... including football.

City man arrested for alleged stabbing in village of Celoron...

A Jamestown man is jailed without bail for allegedly stabbing another man in Celoron late last weekend in the village.  Ellicott Town Police Detective Brad Knight says officers were called to the unidentified location about 5:30 a.m. Sunday... and, learned from the victim, and others, that the suspect was 29 year-old Brandon Muoio.  Knight says a fight had broke out between Muoio and the unidentified victim prior to the stabbing.  He says they're not sure what started the fight... and, are still investigating.  They did recover the weapon involved.  Knight says the victim was stabbed several times... but, not seriously.  He suffered non-life threatening injuries.  Knight says after getting the needed information... they obtained a warrant for Muoio's arrest.  However... the suspected turned himself into Jamestown police Monday morning.  Muoio was arraigned in Ellicott Town Court on charges of first-degree assault... and, first-degree reckless endangerment.  Both are Felonies.  Knight says Muoio was then sent to the county lock-up pending further court action.

Jury selection resumes in Taglianetti trial...

Jury selection resumed this morning in the trial of a Virginia man accused of driving hundreds of miles to Chautauqua County last September to kill the Clymer School Superintendent.  Jury selection began last Thursday in the second-degree murder trial of Anthony Taglianetti.  A pre-trial hearing was held last Wednesday regarding evidence in the case.  Jury selection resumed at 9:30 Tuesday morning.  Taglianetti is charged with fatally shooting 51-year-old Keith Reed, Junior outside of Reed's rural Chautauqua County home last September. 


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