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A call for a domestic dispute on Jamestown's eastside has led to the arrest of a man police say was a "dangerous" drug dealer armed with a loaded hand-gun.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says officers were called to the scene at 633 East Second Street about 1:40 PM Tuesday... and, on arrival... they heard yelling and screaming coming from one apartment.  Shortly after arriving... Samuelson says the suspect... 35 year-old Zaid (Zy-eed) Mendoza came outside. Samuelson says once they got Mendoza into custody... they found him in possession of a stolen, and loaded 40-calibur hangun... several baggies of crack, and powder cocaine... and, a quantity of cash.  He says Mendoza faces several Felony charges... including criminal possession of a weapon.
Samuelson says the fact Mendoza had 13 rounds loaded in the hand-gun made for a "scary and dangerous" situation.  He says they had information that Mendoza had been part of the "drug community..." and, are very happy they've been able to get him off the street.  Mendoza also faces a charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, resisting arrest.  He's being held in the city lock-up pending arraignment.


The Jamestown School Board has filled a vacancy by selecting a city woman with a lot of experience in both business and education.  The board last night unanimously voted to have Shelly Leathers fill out the remainder of the unexpired term of Tim Thomas.  Thomas moved from the district this past Summer... creating the vacancy.  Leathers is a Jamestown native... as is her husband... Board of Public Utilities' General Manager Dave Leathers.  While their sons were in the city school district... she was involved with the PTA... After-Prom... and, other activities. Leathers says she and her husband moved away many years ago... but, returned to the area because they love it so much.  Board President Joe DiMaio says she stood out "in several ways" to the board -- mainly -- her knowledge of the district itself.  DiMaio also says that her 13 years of working as an accounting manager at L-J Stein will come in handy at budget time.  He also says that Leather's "loyalty" to the district stood out to him.  She'll serve until next May's board elections... and, plans to formally run for the board at that time.


Aspiring teachers will face tougher admissions standards to get into a teacher preparation program at the State University of New York.  Graduate and undergraduate students will have to have a 3.0 average or be in the top 30 percent of their class to enter a teaching program.  They'll also have to pass an entrance exam.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the changes on Monday.  They were adopted by the SUNY Board of Trustees last week and take effect in the 2015-16 school year.  The changes were among recommendations of the New NY Education Reform Commission, which was appointed last year to find ways to improve schools.  Cuomo supported the idea in his 2013 State of the State address.  SUNY's 17 teacher preparation programs train about a quarter of the state's teachers.


Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards will deliver his eighth and final budget at tonight's County Legislature meeting.  Edwards was not available for comment Tuesday... but, lawmakers are anxious to hear what the executive is proposing... especially in the way of taxes.  The Busti Republican has said -- even with tough fiscal times -- he's been able to keep the tax rate under what it was when he first took office.  County Legislature Chairman Jay Gould says he's hopeful they can hold the line on total taxes... and, the tax rate. The legislature had cut it's own budget significantly even before downsizing took place.  The new number of 19 takes effect next January 1st.  The county did end up with a 6-million dollar surplus last year... and, how that's going to be used isn't known at this point... but, a lot will likely be used to deal with continuing increases in Medicaid... pension... and, health insurance costs.  The current year's budget is about 230-million dollars... and, includes a tax rate of 9-dollars-15 cents per thousand full value.  Tonight's legislature meeting begins at 6:30 PM in Mayville.


A Celoron-area man suffered non-life threatening stab wounds during a fight with a Jamestown man in the village last Sunday morning.  Ellicott Town Police say they were called to the undisclosed scene about 5:30 AM... and, learned from the victim, and others, that the suspect was 29 year-old Brandon Muoio.  Ellicott Police Detective Brad Knight says they then worked to get a warrant for Muoio's arrest. However... Knight says Muoio eventually turned himself into Jamestown Police Monday morning.  He was then turned over to Ellicott Police.  Knight says they don't know exactly what led to the fight... and, eventual stabbing.  However... he does say the victim's wounds were minor... and, non-life threatening.  The knife has been recovered.  Knight says Muoio was arraigned on charges of first-degree assault... and, first-degree reckless endangerment.  Knight says Muoio was sent to the county jail with bail to be set pending a District Attorney's recommendation.



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