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City man arrested on drug and weapon's charges Tuesday faces additional charge...

The Jamestown man arrested Tuesday on Felony drug and weapon's charges faces a new charge regarding the hand-gun police found in his possession.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says the gun was reported stolen from a Warren, Pennsylvania home back on Aug. 11.  He says investigators were able to recover portions of the serial number... which was scratched... and, they matched the stolen gun.  Samuelson says 35 year-old Zaid Mendoza was arrested following a domestic incident call at 633 East Second St.  Officers were called to the scene about 1:40 p.m. Tuesday... and, on arrival... they heard yelling and screaming coming from one apartment.  Shortly after arriving... Samuelson says Mendoza came outside... and, officers tried to stop him.  But, they had to taser him after he led police on a short chase.  He was found with a loaded 40-calibur hand-gun, several baggies of crack, and powder cocaine... and, a quantity of cash.  Samuelson says Mendoza faces several Felony charges... including criminal possession of a weapon.  The added charge was criminal possession of stolen property.  He says they were aware that Mendoza had been part of the "drug community..." and, had been arrested for drug possession earlier this year.

Police ask for public's help in solving Westfield-area burglaries...

The Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's help in solving a rash of burgaries in the Forest Park and Barcelona areas of the town of Westfield.  Deputies say cottages and other homes in those areas have been ransacked... and, several items were stolen.  Those items include televisions, liquor, and one long-gun.  Officers are asking anyone who may have any information on the break-ins to contact their "We Tip" line at 1-800-782-7463... or call the Sheriff's Office at 753-4915.

Lindquist named as new JRC Director starting Sept. 30...

A Jamestown native long involved in planning and economic development has been named to head up the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation.  Greg Lindquist is currently an Assistant Vice-President at the New York Business Development Corporation... but, says he's glad to be "coming home."  Lindquist was also previously the city's Economic Development Coordinator... and, was also former director of the Greater Jamestown Empire Zone.  He says he's "extremely excited" about taking on his new position... which begins next Monday.  Lindquist says the opportunity arose that would allow him to utilize his talents and skills... and, would work well the with skills and talents of the JRC staff.  He has also served on the JRC's Board of Directors since 2010... which has given him an understanding of the corporation's goals and objectives.  JRC officials say the move signals a new phase... as the organization aggressively pursues downtown business development... and, accelerates the rate of progress in the city's neighborhoods.  However... Lindquist says it will take more than one entity to do that... and, he looks forward to fostering those relationships.  Specifically... Lindquist will oversee JRC's downtown and riverfront development efforts.

Current JRC Interim Director Lombardi will become Deputy Director...

The Renaissance Corporation's new director says he looks forward to working with interim Director Peter Lombardi in his new position.  Greg Lindquist says Lombardi... who has headed up the corporation the past 10 months... has the skills vital to the JRC's success.  He adds that he'll be "leaning on Peter heavily" during the first couple of months as he gets brought up to speed.  Lombardi was initially hired as the JRC's director of Neighborhood Initiatives.  He became transitional director when Jason Stronz left for a position in the private sector. 

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